Sunday, October 31, 2010

A peak inside, and some time alone.

It's Halloween night here at the lakehouse.
I'm home alone.
Hubby is at deer camp.
I'm loving the peace and quiet tonight.
No radio, no television....just me.
A whole week of...just me.
 That means: a clean bathroom for a week. A clean kitchen for a week. NO hunting shows for a week.
And the whole bed to myself for a week.  YES!!!!!!!!
Don't get me wrong...I will miss hubby, after a whole week. But in the meantime....I'll come home from work with no socks to pick up. No dishes on the coffee table, or in the sink. No supper to make. And NO hunting shows on the television!!!!
It only happens once a Christmas.
Again...I love hubby, and will miss him....but think of the possibilities!!!  The upstairs bathroom for one! White paint!!!! heeehaaaa! I've been patiently waiting for this time to get here. That nasty old bathroom will be white! Finally! I will replace the black and tan checked shower curtain with a white one! White, and some light blue towels!  AND...a white rug!!!
Aren't you excited???!!!!
Okay...maybe not as much as must understand just a little. back to the post.
Do you ever wonder what people keep inside their cupboards?  Have you ever peaked inside someones medicine cabinet..or linen closet...or refrigerator...or behind a shower curtain?
I'm not saying I'd do that sort of thing...but don't you wonder?
 I have a cupboard with a screen door on it, and people always want to peak inside....and since I had to dust in there today...I thought I'd keep the door open for a minute or two, and let you see what's in there. Nothing all that interesting....but some treasures for me.
 My favorite gardening books. A couple of of my Dad, who passed away three years ago. He's holding my granddaugther Maddie. She was born on Dad's birthday. A clay bumble bee that my grandson Ethan made for me. A little bird house another granddaughter, Zoey, gave me for Mother's Day.
 A favorite basket......a lamp made by a friend. Shells from our Florida vacation with the kids and grand kids.  Just "stuff" to  others. Treasures to me.
Treasures..that cannot be replaced.  Kind of like my hubby. Although I am happy that he's out in the woods, spending time with his oldest son..doing what they love to do(going to the bathroom in the woods wouldn't be something I would want to do)..anyway...having the house to myself for a whole, entire week......I will look forward to his and sound.
Until then.......where's that paint brush!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cozy Saturday

Good Saturday morning friends.
It's one of those lazy mornings here at the lakehouse.
It's cold outside, so we have a fire going.
Hubby is sipping a cup of coffee, and I'm wandering around the house...enjoying the sun dancing on the water.
 I know I'm a little early for Thanksgiving, but it's one of my favorite it's hard to wait to move on from Halloween. I've already changed things on my blog, making the transition to Turkey Time.

 All of our kids and grandkids live three hours south, so changing things over is easy for me.
I don't want to rush through life...but LOVE the house all cozy and warm for the next holiday.
 Hubby repaired the arbor and fencing from the wind storms. So things are back to normal outside.
He's getting ready for his hunting trip. That will leave me time to get some house work done. Being sick all week took it's toll on the house.
I'm just rambling this morning...sorry.
I hope you are able to enjoy some fun this weekend..with family and friends. It's a fun time of year...get out and have a blast!!
Happy Halloween!
Debbie~~~I'm late for Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage...but I'm sharing with Courtney for the party. Go over there and see what everyone is sharing!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Auntie Em!!!

 Hello everyone! I've been sick the past week, so haven't been on the computer for awhile. The lack of electricity from some horrific wind storms here in Michigan didn't help matters.  At the Mackinaw Bridge the wind was clocked at 78 mph.  We had gusts over 60 mph here at the lakehouse.
We watched as the ducks would glide by on the water...backwards! The wind just kept pushing them past....reminded me of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz looking out her window as the tornado lifted her house, and she saw people and animals go by.
One of the arbors and some fencing was damaged. Hubby will be working to clean up that mess today.
I've had an awful cold and flu bug for a few days. I wonder how bad it would have been without my flu shot!!!
The power returned last night for most areas around the lake. The sound of generators has quieted down, and the wind has diminished considerably. We are fortunate to have a pellet stove, so we just hunkered down with quilts and sat in front of the fire.
It's good to be back online again.
Hope all is well with you!

Friday, October 22, 2010


                            Good chilly day to you! It's actually sunny right now, but this morning it was VERY nippy outside. There was a mist rolling off the water, which was a little spooky...yet beautiful. It seems every few days the view out our windows changes...subtle changes...a few more leaves are down, the sun is rising a little farther south, and the clouds seem to have a pink hue to them.

I love getting out of bed early to greet the morning...especially when the water is like glass. It reflects the gorgeous sky as the sun is coming up over the trees. It won't be long, and the canal will be iced over.
Instead of reflections, we'll see coyote's running down the middle of the ice..along with fox, and deer.
Each season the view is different....yet glorious!
I'm sorry if it seems I keep taking the same pictures over and over....I am just so amazed at the difference in the view from day to day.
Have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Attention to detail

Good morning!
It's a very crisp morning here at the lakehouse.
The furnace is running, and we have a fire going.
Hubby just made a nice breakfast to enjoy as we sit at the table enjoying the start to our day.
 As I lay in bed this morning(smelling the bacon frying), I started to notice all of the detail around the room. I started to wonder about the people that designed, cut, carved, pounded, and put together all of the beautiful pieces that surround me at the lakehouse.
So I got out of bed, came downstairs, and started really looking at the things around me.
The time it took to make the lovely pieces, the talent, the labor of just touched my soul.
I wanted to share some things that bring joy to my heart this morning.....

I know these are just "things", and nothing can compare to my family as far as joy goes...but God gave talents to some...talents that help bring the beauty out of a piece of wood, or iron, or tin.
I am thankful that someone took their time and talent to make something that gives visual enjoyment. Then the thankfulness starts to snowball....for sight, family, jobs, etc.
Enjoy something beautiful today...and Thank God.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Still changing things

Good morning!
We have a cloudy day here at the lakehouse. I'm not complaining...this has been an exceptionally beautiful Fall.
I'm still making changes in the living room.
We took the grandfather clock down to my youngest daughter's house over the weekend.
We also gave her our wing back chair.
They are pieces I've had forever, and Melissa (being a single mom, working to make a home for her and the two girls) needed a couple of pieces to "cozy" up her living room.
 Consequently, there were open spaces left in my living room. I pulled in some more vintage pieces, and another one of my desks.(I have a thing for vintage desks.) I am somewhat of a clutter-bug, so I tend to fill rooms up with "stuff".

 I hope this will be it for awhile. Now maybe I can sit and relax, instead of move furniture around.

I did add some beads to the chandy in the room..and I like how it looks. Am still looking for more drops, and baubles...always adding something to something around here.

Time for work.
Hope you enjoy your Monday!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Autumn Fun

Happy Sunday to you!
We visited Huckleberry Railroad in Mt. Morris yesterday.
It's located in the historical village that used to be the center of the town.
There's an actual vintage train that you can ride through the woods, and also an old river boat that tours the outskirts of the town.
All of the buildings are decorated for the Halloween theme, including all of the people passing out the candy.
It was a fun day for the big kids, and the little ones.

The weather was perfect! We enjoyed seeing all the spooky sights, the straw maze, the cider and doughnuts, and the bag full of candy each of us collected while trick or treating.
God blessed us with safe travel, and wonderful fellowship. It was a great day!
See ya tomorrow....

Friday, October 15, 2010


 Holey's so cold this morning!  The next few mornings the temps are going to be at, or below freezing!!! If this keeps up, we'll have a skim of ice on the water before you know it.  I just got acclimated to Fall....I'm NOT ready for any ice, or white stuff like they are predicting for Wednesday morning.....eeeeeek!!!
 It IS a  beautiful morning, even with the cold.  People around the lake are getting their boats ready for winter. You can see the bright blue shrink wrapped covers all over the place.
We've lost a lot of leaves already. The geese are all grouped up, and taking off daily. They migrate during the night, so we hear them fly over the house in the middle of the night...honking as they go. They fly pretty low over the water, so it's awesome to hear them as we lay in bed.
It's so beautiful, and crisp.  I'm bringing out sweaters, and heavy socks, quilts, and flannel sheets. We even have a fire going in the evenings now. 
I appreciate the flickers of light bouncing off the water, and dancing on the walls and ceilings...because I know it won't be long, and the dancing will be gone for a while.
Before going to work, I'm going to sit and enjoy all the images of this wonderful Autumn morning here at the lakehouse.
Enjoy your day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bringing Autumn Inside

 Good Thursday morning to everyone.
I don't know what the weather has been like for you, but here in Michigan it's been GORGEOUS!
With all of the leaves turning, I've finally realized it really is Fall. Maybe I was waiting for a return to summer?  Doesn't matter, because Fall is here, and I'm embracing it with arms open to the beauty and splendor of the season.
 I changed my header this morning. Tete from Beyond the Garden Gate offered some great pictures for us to use on our blogs. She is just the sweetest person ever! Tete has helped me with my blog design a few times, and I appreciate her soooooooo much!!
 I brought in the last of the hydrangeas the other day. I love the color they morphed into for the Fall season.
 They add a pop of "Autumn color" here and there inside the lakehouse.
I haven't emptied the window boxes yet. I love sitting at the dining room table this time of year and being able to see how the geraniums have changed their clothes to suit the season. They are wearing a beautiful amber shade on their leaves. So pretty.
Time to get ready for work at the pharmacy.
Enjoy your morning.
Hugs to everyone.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Change is Good, Part II's another White Wednesday here in blogger land.
Time to visit Faded Charm to see all the lovely images people have submitted this week.
 This will be a continuation of my previous post.
 I worked all afternoon putting the rest of the furniture, and other vintage pieces in place of hubby's "junk" that graced the northwest corner of the living room. You will have to see my first post concerning this matter to understand how awful this corner looked....eeuuwwww.

 So the room is now decorated with (mostly) white pieces.  It feels so fresh, and looks so much brighter.
I'm loving it!!!
 I plan to add some photos to the window sash that is hanging on the wall. Probably black and white pics.

It's soooo nice to look in the mirror, and NOT see deer heads looking back at me!
The corner fits the rest of the room now.
White, white, white.
Happy White Wednesday everyone!

Change is good!

Hello lovies!
I'm changing things up here at the lakehouse.
Hubby "used" to have a corner of the living room filled with hunting and fishing JUNK.
I love junque, but NOT this kind of junk.
So this is the week that I chose to finally move all this crapola into the downstairs bedroom. A room with a door on I can close this door whenever I walk past.
Can you believe this?!
The first thing to go was the air conditioner. It was replaced with one of the many window sashes I've collected for the lakehouse. Mmmmmm...nice and bright.
After a lot of heaving and hoing, I finally cleared the space of the above mentioned "stuff", and replaced it with the vintage iron bed found this past spring at a favorite little shop I frequent.
Now I understand this isn't a daybed, or even a single's a full size bed. What in the world was I thinking? you are saying.
Our living room area is quite huge! and since I've always wanted a cozy corner to read books, and magazines, this was the corner I chose. Large size, and all...this beautiful iron bed is now placed in a spot that will be used by me....and some grandkiddos when they come for a visit. I used to have a daybed on the sun porch, but it gets so blasted hot in there during the summer months...and the kids loved sitting out there reading, playing with their Barbies, or just chatting. when they come up, they can use the iron bed to read, play dolls, or just hang out and chat.
It will be soooo cozy with a fire going in the colder months.
You must think I've lost it...but trust looks wonderful.
 I also decided to move Gran's gorgeous desk to the sitting area in my bedroom. Even tho everything in there is looks very sweet with all of the other pieces in that room. I just can't paint the desk white...Gran used to sit at her desk and write letters to my Dad when he was in the service. Some things just have to stay the same....ya know?

The living room is still "in progress" as "Man's Town" is being moved. I'll share more pics as things progress.
Have a super day!