Sunday, October 31, 2010

A peak inside, and some time alone.

It's Halloween night here at the lakehouse.
I'm home alone.
Hubby is at deer camp.
I'm loving the peace and quiet tonight.
No radio, no television....just me.
A whole week of...just me.
 That means: a clean bathroom for a week. A clean kitchen for a week. NO hunting shows for a week.
And the whole bed to myself for a week.  YES!!!!!!!!
Don't get me wrong...I will miss hubby, after a whole week. But in the meantime....I'll come home from work with no socks to pick up. No dishes on the coffee table, or in the sink. No supper to make. And NO hunting shows on the television!!!!
It only happens once a Christmas.
Again...I love hubby, and will miss him....but think of the possibilities!!!  The upstairs bathroom for one! White paint!!!! heeehaaaa! I've been patiently waiting for this time to get here. That nasty old bathroom will be white! Finally! I will replace the black and tan checked shower curtain with a white one! White, and some light blue towels!  AND...a white rug!!!
Aren't you excited???!!!!
Okay...maybe not as much as must understand just a little. back to the post.
Do you ever wonder what people keep inside their cupboards?  Have you ever peaked inside someones medicine cabinet..or linen closet...or refrigerator...or behind a shower curtain?
I'm not saying I'd do that sort of thing...but don't you wonder?
 I have a cupboard with a screen door on it, and people always want to peak inside....and since I had to dust in there today...I thought I'd keep the door open for a minute or two, and let you see what's in there. Nothing all that interesting....but some treasures for me.
 My favorite gardening books. A couple of of my Dad, who passed away three years ago. He's holding my granddaugther Maddie. She was born on Dad's birthday. A clay bumble bee that my grandson Ethan made for me. A little bird house another granddaughter, Zoey, gave me for Mother's Day.
 A favorite basket......a lamp made by a friend. Shells from our Florida vacation with the kids and grand kids.  Just "stuff" to  others. Treasures to me.
Treasures..that cannot be replaced.  Kind of like my hubby. Although I am happy that he's out in the woods, spending time with his oldest son..doing what they love to do(going to the bathroom in the woods wouldn't be something I would want to do)..anyway...having the house to myself for a whole, entire week......I will look forward to his and sound.
Until then.......where's that paint brush!


  1. Hi Debbie,

    Enjoy your "Me" time! I love it when my husband takes a little trip every now and then but of course I start to miss him after about three or four days! LOL!

    Love all the pretties behind your screen door.
    What a wonderful idea for a cabinet door.


  2. You are so cute, Debbie!! Loving it with and without him!! Been there! ;-D

    Love what's behind the magical door! I think we are all curious about those things...again, it brings inspiration...even if it's just to tidy up.

    Enjoy your week. I can't wait to see your finished room. And I hope you are feeling much better!


  3. Debbie, I so understand this! I love my guys, but after just one weekend, my Mondays are my sanctuary!
    I wish I were able to spend so much alone time!
    I hope you have the best time and paint that bathroom up pretty.
    I never have the tv on when I am here alone, but as soon as one of them walks in the door, you know what the first thing they do it? Yeah, that's right. CLICK!
    The socks! Even the male dog has a sock fettish! He finds all their throw downs and then drags them every where!
    My guys don't hunt. They are city boys, but my dad and brother used to. I always went, too..and I can pee in the woods with the best of them! We just went out during the day and came home at night. 4:30 am in the woods is not the most fun, let me tell you!
    Love your treasures...I have lots of those, too. They are priceless...aren't they?
    Don't forget before and after photos!
    Hugs- Tete

  4. *~*~Enjoy your "ME" time!! ~*~*~Sounds lovely to have a clean bathroom and kitchen for a whole week!! ;) Hugs,Rachel~*~*~*

  5. Thanks for the peek at your special treasures. :) Have a nice peaceful week, and I can't wait to see the completed bathroom.

  6. Oh, I know, I know....hunting widow for 35 yrs. When the boys were small I resented it, then they started to go along & a whole week alone was Chinese & a movie for me. And I do love that husband & sons enjoy time together.
    This year I will be traveling myself the 1st week of gun hunting, & I am kind of sorry that I won't have that week home alone to paint or do projects.
    Can't wait to see your new white bathroom... Have fun!!!

  7. WOW Kathy enjoy your time!!! The time will go by fast and yes you will miss your hubby. Love all your treasures in your cupboard.

  8. I can't wait to see the bathroom all done in white...have fun and you sound like you are doing so much better!


  9. I know exactly what you mean...(substitute "Military channel" for "hunting shows" on tv.)
    Having the house to oneself is a treat, as long as we know it's short term. Enjoy!


  10. Hi Debbie,
    I gues, all wifes know exactly what you mean! I wish you a very nice and quiet week with all the things you love to do.
    But I must tell you, you are a winner!
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    Greetings, Johanna

  11. This is the cutest and sweetest post. I know exactly how you feel. I love my alone time. I can't wait to see your white bathroom. It will be beautiful, I just know it.
    Lee Laurie

  12. Have a great week Debbie and yes, I hear you!!

  13. Enjoy that painting and hope you get it all done! While the cats away the mice must play...they say!
    Have a great Monday!