Friday, October 8, 2010

Pumpkins and gourds

 Hello everyone out there in the land of blogging...and beyond.
It's another one of those days here at the lakehouse.  Problems with uploading pics. It's so exasperating!
But.....I finally got things working.
I am  getting some decorating done outside.  Just little things, but it's a start.
The weather has been gorgeous! Sunshine and warm temps.
Sheets are waving in the breeze out on the line as I sit here at the computer.
I've been visiting other blogs that are also getting ready for the Fall season.  I must compliment Tete(Beyond the Garden Gate) and Rebecca(Ella Mae's Barn Gatherings) for their wonderfully put together blogs for Halloween. So fun to go over and see what they are up to.
Since I've been sitting here for waaaay longer than I should have been....I guess it's time to remove my butt from this chair(I'll need a crowbar to release the vacuum), and get something accomplished around this here lakehouse.
Enjoy the warmth and sunshine while you can!!!
Have a great weekend.
I'm sharing with Show and Tell Friday over at My Romantic Home,
and Feathered Nest Friday No. 3 at French Country Cottage,
also the Fall Porch Party at Common Ground.
*thank you Cindy, Courtney, and Debbie for hosting these fun parties!!!!


  1. Hey Debbie,
    Tried to post a comment earlier but it wouldn't go through... so trying again!
    I LOVE your window box! The pumpkins look gorgeous nestled in with your plants! I am going to have to try something similar on one or two of mine- it is so beautiful! I would love it if you would consider joining my Feathered Nest Friday party about decorating inspiration! :)

  2. Hey, girlie- thanks for the mention. Lovin your thrillin' Halloween header, MJ music and your picnic enhanced photos! Way to go- and well done!
    Your pumpkins are so sweeeeeeeeeet! I need some, but won't find anything like that around here.
    Hope you broke the vaccum and are out and about. I can smell your sheets. Won't it be wonderful tonight to sleep on those! Shake them good- brought a stink bug and a spider in this morning!
    I'm going to call Rebecca at work and tell her you mentioned us- she will pee her pants!
    Hugs- Tete

  3. I love all your Fall decorations.

  4. You are too funny! Although that crowbar with some flesh from your butt might double as a Halloween decoration, you'll need it to read more blogs! Looks fabulous here Debbie, and I am loving those decorations:)

  5. Hi again Debbie- I know I saw you linked up earlier today at the party and I got your comment- but all of a sudden the link is gone... this has been a really weird blogger day... several people have mentioned different issues and I know I have been having strange issues + the linky guy is working on his link program on top of it! Anyway, I know it's work to link up again, but I would love it if you would like to- this is such a great display, I think it deserves to be seen! or maybe you will randomly show up again... who knows!! Sorry about that and hope you are having a great Friday! :)

  6. I love your fall decor, Debbie. As always, you have the right touch. And I am loving your new blog design, very spooky!!

    We are having great weather, aren't we? We are heading up to the lake tomorrow, I guess I don't need a sweater!! Have a great weekend, yourself!


  7. Your music is getting me in the mood for Halloween! I love your arrangements and I'll swing by with a crowbar b/c I've been there!

  8. Hi!
    Thanks for the visit and lovely comment. Nice to meet you and see your blog, very nice! Love the halloween title! My hubby, is such a hard worker, I am very blessed to have him! Glad you liked my shed in progress....


  9. Bwaaahahahaha!!!! How'd that crowbar issue for for ya....? Or are you still walking around with a chair on your butt? (You better get it removed before our vacation unless you want to be sitting in the sand instead of laying in it....). Bwaahahaha! You HAVE been a busy girl with all of these changes to your blog, witchy sista! Too fun!! And love those pumpkins, girly! lol!

    Smooches! xoxo laurie

  10. Hi Debbie,
    I just love the gourds & pumpkins in your flower box, so pretty! The weather here is unbelievable! Today felt more like August than October! Indian summer, for sure! So I will need to get busy and work in the yard tomorrow doing some fall clean up. Never as fun as spring yard work! Have a great weekend:)

  11. Beautiful, Debbie~ I just love the window box...gorgeous!

  12. Your gourds and pumpkins look great. And your Halloween theme with your blog!!! Have a great weekend.

  13. Hi Debbie, so glad you got your photos working becuase your window box has my name written all over it! LOVE it! Being at the lake this time of year would be just gorgeous. Thanks so much for linking up with VIF. Have a great weekend!!

  14. LOVE your flower boxes... great idea.
    I have just hauled out the fall decor & started.
    BUT we are up north for the weekend, enjoying the beautiful Michigan fall weather & colors...
    The decorating can just wait : )
    Enjoy this beautiful Mi. weekend!!

  15. How pretty everything looks! Very inspiring photos to me today.

  16. My goodness, Debbie! When did you have the time to do ALL of this!! At first, I thought I hit the wrong button or something... hahaha! LOVE all the Halloween changes you've made to your blog for the month of October (including the music)... SOOO FUN!
    Love all of your pumpkins and gourds, too... beautiful!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)
    Hugs ~ Jo

  17. dear debbie,
    i love all your fall decorationen!!!!!!
    have a nice week,