Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Change is Good, Part II

Well....it's another White Wednesday here in blogger land.
Time to visit Faded Charm to see all the lovely images people have submitted this week.
 This will be a continuation of my previous post.
 I worked all afternoon putting the rest of the furniture, and other vintage pieces in place of hubby's "junk" that graced the northwest corner of the living room. You will have to see my first post concerning this matter to understand how awful this corner looked....eeuuwwww.

 So the room is now decorated with (mostly) white pieces.  It feels so fresh, and looks so much brighter.
I'm loving it!!!
 I plan to add some photos to the window sash that is hanging on the wall. Probably black and white pics.

It's soooo nice to look in the mirror, and NOT see deer heads looking back at me!
The corner fits the rest of the room now.
White, white, white.
Happy White Wednesday everyone!


  1. Aaaah! I think your living room is breathing a sign of relief now that the deer have ran off! I am loving your day bed. Looks like a great place to cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book!

  2. That is so fresh & welcoming...love it!

  3. Debbie-It is beautiful! Your place just gets better and better. By the by, that is a really nice picture of you and Laurie on top of your blog. Looks like one of you gained a few pounds and you both died your hair, though!

    Have a great night-we are only away a couple of more days! And, to answer your question-The Pearl is not road-ready yet. I refuse to get in her until that stinking orange stripe disappears...plus we want to get her all dolled up for her maiden voyage. xxoo Diana

  4. When can I move in???I promise t be a good tenant!!!

  5. I am suprised you didn't paint the deer heads white...but i like way it looks now. Come do mine!
    Hugs- Tete

  6. LOL! I just burst out laughing when I read everyone's comments, sis! I can....not...believe how much better it looks in there!!!!!!! How is the hubs handling it all....?? Was there alot of eye-rolling and eyebrow arching?

    Hugs! xoxo laurie

  7. It looks so good Debbie! I love that tall cabinet. I need one 24 inches wide for my laundry. Now i'm going to have to see if screen doors come in that width! I love it.

  8. Wow! You done good kid... LOVE the bed in the living room, very inovative idea :) A nice place to snuggle & if you happen to fall asleep reading that good book.... no need to get up in the middle of the night & stumble to bed... you are already there. :)
    Almost all of our "dead animals" have found thier new home up north...Which is where they should be. Though I tried to talk them into a wreath above the fireplace instead of dead deer & there was no having it .... YET... :)

  9. The room looks great now, Debbie! Love all of your beautiful white pieces!
    Happy WW! :)
    Hugs ~ Jo

  10. Great Job Debbie ~ I Love how the Comfy Couch (day bed) turned Out.... I know the Grands & Fam will have a wonderful time of Cuddling & rest

  11. No DEER HEADS in the MIRROR??? How sad! LOL! Your room looks great!

  12. "Man's town" is, definitely, gone! And, your room is just lovely!!

  13. It looks so inviting! You did a great job of decorating and such great pieces! I love visiting your blog....Happy WW!

  14. Oh Debbie it is just lovely. I am seriously in love with that cupboard with the screen door! That is so cool! I may have to find a screen door just to do this...now where to put it...

  15. Hi Debbie...how wonderful!! I am in love with the cupboard with the screen door!!!!!

  16. Hey Debbie-everything does look fresh -I so need to dig in and get so much done in the house-but it will have to wait for a while-camping is calling me-always good to see what you're up too!

  17. Hi Debbie,
    Been so busy that I'm just now catching up on your blog. Oh yes, change is good!! Everything looks so wonderful!! I love, love, love that cupboard with the screen door!!