Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Change is good!

Hello lovies!
I'm changing things up here at the lakehouse.
Hubby "used" to have a corner of the living room filled with hunting and fishing JUNK.
I love junque, but NOT this kind of junk.
So this is the week that I chose to finally move all this crapola into the downstairs bedroom. A room with a door on it...so I can close this door whenever I walk past.
Can you believe this?!
The first thing to go was the air conditioner. It was replaced with one of the many window sashes I've collected for the lakehouse. Mmmmmm...nice and bright.
After a lot of heaving and hoing, I finally cleared the space of the above mentioned "stuff", and replaced it with the vintage iron bed found this past spring at a favorite little shop I frequent.
Now I understand this isn't a daybed, or even a single bed..it's a full size bed. What in the world was I thinking? you are saying.
Our living room area is quite huge! and since I've always wanted a cozy corner to read books, and magazines, this was the corner I chose. Large size, and all...this beautiful iron bed is now placed in a spot that will be used by me....and some grandkiddos when they come for a visit. I used to have a daybed on the sun porch, but it gets so blasted hot in there during the summer months...and the kids loved sitting out there reading, playing with their Barbies, or just chatting.   So.......now when they come up, they can use the iron bed to read, play dolls, or just hang out and chat.
It will be soooo cozy with a fire going in the colder months.
You must think I've lost it...but trust me...it looks wonderful.
 I also decided to move Gran's gorgeous desk to the sitting area in my bedroom. Even tho everything in there is white...it looks very sweet with all of the other pieces in that room. I just can't paint the desk white...Gran used to sit at her desk and write letters to my Dad when he was in the service. Some things just have to stay the same....ya know?

The living room is still "in progress" as "Man's Town" is being moved. I'll share more pics as things progress.
Have a super day!


  1. I love that iron bed-it is gorgeous!! Have fun making the changes!

  2. I think the "daybed" is a wonderful idea. Perfect place for a nap too! It looks scrumpdilicious!

    I agree some things shouldn't be painted. In fact I love the look of wood and white together. The wood helps ground the white and warms it up too.

  3. Those things belong in the dungeon! Looks so much better now! Love the little desk and I would never paint it! Pretty, pretty bed...hope we get to see more!
    Hugs- Tete

  4. Hi Debbie
    So glad you are relocating those lovely deer heads to the man cave! When I first met my hubby, he had a deer head that the previous owners of the house had left behind (how nice of them!!). Anyway, it was perched on the wall overlooking our dining table, so when you were eating, Bambi was staring at you! Needless to say, he just had to go!!

  5. Looking Good Lady ~ Man Junque is certainly one of the things I Don't miss in not having a man in My Life.... Can't wait to see more photos of all the finished work ~ You sure have been busy....


  6. The bed is certainly a lovely vast improvement. You are right about the fact that there is junk and then there is junk you wish to see every day. hugs♥olive

  7. Man-Town is on the move! Yay!!!!!! LUV LUV LUV that bed in there, Debbie!! :)

    xoxo laurie