Friday, October 22, 2010


                            Good chilly day to you! It's actually sunny right now, but this morning it was VERY nippy outside. There was a mist rolling off the water, which was a little spooky...yet beautiful. It seems every few days the view out our windows changes...subtle changes...a few more leaves are down, the sun is rising a little farther south, and the clouds seem to have a pink hue to them.

I love getting out of bed early to greet the morning...especially when the water is like glass. It reflects the gorgeous sky as the sun is coming up over the trees. It won't be long, and the canal will be iced over.
Instead of reflections, we'll see coyote's running down the middle of the ice..along with fox, and deer.
Each season the view is different....yet glorious!
I'm sorry if it seems I keep taking the same pictures over and over....I am just so amazed at the difference in the view from day to day.
Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Hi Debbie,
    You live in such a beautiful place and your fortunate to be able to wake up to such loveliness.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. the pictures are can't tell they are the same setting because they are so different....gorgeous!

  3. You keeping posting these photos. I never get tired of your little paradise. The clouds are the most awesome when they are pink, I think.
    The mist on the water must be the best thing to wake up to on any morning...can't wait to see the snow falling over that pretty scene.
    Hope your weekend is as special as you are and that the sun smiles through your windows.
    Hugs to you- Tete

  4. I love these photos. You can post the same view a thousand times because I will never get tired of it. It is the same way here with the Bay...Each day is unique unto itself. Lovely...I feel like I am there with you when I look at your photos. xxoo Diana

  5. Beautiful shots, Debbie! I will never tire of seeing photos of seasonal changes and gorgeous skies! Thanks for sharing them!!
    Have a joyful weekend!

  6. Beautiful photos. I left NYC this afternoon. It was pretty chilly. Now I am back to the warm weather again - I want some coolness in the air!

  7. Your photos are always stunning. That's why life on a lake is so fantastic!!


  8. Hi Debbie,
    I love the views out your windows! The sky is amazing! I wish that I was an early bird, sounds like I'm missing some gorgeous sun rises. Guess I am more of a sunset kind of gal!! Have a great night!

  9. Yep, Tete and I are going to have to come stay with you to enjoy all of that beauty. I love to welcome in the day in the early morning too-except most days I have to hurry to get off to work. Thanks for making me stop and pause!

  10. It may be the same view but a different picture each day as the seasons change. I wouldn't tire of it ever. I hope your Saturday is a wonderful one!

  11. Your cloudy sky image is gorgeous. I cannot tire of that:)))

  12. Love the photos. The reflection of the sky in the water is soooo beautiful.

  13. ......Like God was whispering "Good morning, my dear daughter" to you, Debbie. So beautiful...

    Have a wonderful week! Love ya!

    xoxo laurie

  14. Hi Debbie!
    I have been all over trying to find your blog, I know I had you on my blog list and went to my dashboard because I know I'm a follower of yours but you weren't there. I actually thought you stopped blogging:) I swear it's bloggers fault!!
    Love your pictures and as Sissie says you are so blessed to be able to see the changing of the seasons thur your window.
    Now I'm going to read your posts that I have missed!

  15. Beautiful pictures. I'm ready for some cooler weather here too.

    Thanks for the sweet comments that you left me about my grandmother.

    Lee Lsurie

  16. Debbie: I love rising early, also, to greet the dawn - especially when up at our farmhouse in New York, where I have an unobstructed view of the rising sun. Your sunrise photos are beautiful! I truly enjoyed seeing those lovely pink-edged clouds! I have posted some recent sunset photos on my blog, which I caught last week in New York...enjoy! Cassandra ♥

  17. So beautiful photos:)))
    Greetings from Europe, Biljana

  18. What a spooktacular view!! haha! I'm grooving to your little Halloween playlist over here. Nice picks for tunes : )

  19. Yoo Hoo- are you ok? It's been several days since you posted and with all the storms that came your way, I'm a little concerned.
    Check in when you get a chance- Tete

  20. Hey Debbie ~ saw from Tete's Sweet post today, that you weren't feelin Your Young Sweet Self~ I have hardly been able to post, since I am midway thru the 8 24/7's of Bubbie Sitting.... I am Worn to a Frazzle, but also Loving every Tiring Moment~ It was so much easier raising My Kiddos in the 80's ~ I look forward to going Home Late Sunday Night & RESTING for Days ~ Now You Feel Better & Take Care of YOURSELF!