Friday, April 22, 2011

It's off to work I go.....

Well, hello all you bloggers and readers of blogs.
I've been busy here at the lakehouse.
Started back to work at the pharmacy. I find it makes me a little more tired than it used to...but I'm hanging in there.
My little store is coming along.
I saw one of the owners today, and he said they plan to add actual little store fronts and roofs to each space in the village.
Until then, we will keep the window sashes, and vintage trim  over the existing porch rails. Mr. Lakehouse attached the sashes and trim to a board he hung across the top of the "booth". I added ivy and florals.
I love the trim Mr. Lakehouse added to the windows inside the tiny shop!
 If I'm not at the pharmacy, I'm either home working on pillows, and sachets, or filling jars with shells, or lavender...or I'm at the shop. Laurie, from Heaven's Walk, sent LOTS of neat clay tags to sell! I've been adding silk ribbons, and crinkled seam binding, along with price tags to her tags. That has kept me busy in the evenings.
I saw some gorgeous pillows over at Sissie's blog. She is the "Queen of Pillows"!!!  Mine aren't quite as pretty as hers, but they should be okay.

I'm using vintage napkins for the pillows. Adding crinkled seam binding(thank you Donna for the info. on the binding), to the ruffles prettied things up a bit.
I made rosettes out of stiff ribbon.  They turned out better than I thought they would!

Luckily I found two mason jars today. I used all the jars I had filling them up with seashells.
These two jars were a dollar a piece!!!!! and they had the zinc lids on them!!!! wooohoooo!
They are now filled to the rim with lavender.
The vintage gift cards add a little ooomph to the items in the shop.  It's that little "extra" that helps attract the shoppers.
As soon as the signs arrive...the ones made by Paula...I will take pics of the shop.
The soaps still aren't I'll start without them!
I hope you have a blessed Easter weekend.
He Lives!!!!!

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