Friday, June 16, 2017

A Labor of Love.

It's Friday, and it's been a busy week.
Mostly working in the cottage garden and flower beds.
These pretty roses are one of the many rewards from time spent working in the dirt. 

 After laying the mulch, it's now time to put in the old brick path.
While digging holes to plant more roses, I hit more buried bricks!
They are all vintage pieces!
I found some last year, and will add the ones I found this year, to the path.

 Things are starting to fill in nicely, and the roses are starting to bloom.
I am very happy with the way the cottage garden is looking this year.
It's all a labor of love.

A bee hive and bees, and a cloche was added to the fairy garden.
The rain pounded down the sand path....good thing there is more to replace it.
The New Dawn roses have really filled the French rose arbor!
The other side holds a pink, Nellie Moser clematis....

 Coneflowers are coming up in different places.
I love them, because they remind me of Prairie flowers.
Gives the gardens a romantic/country feeling.
The wind has died down, so it's time to take the kayak out for a paddle.
Thank you for visiting here at the lakehouse..
Have a happy weekend, and take time to smell the flowers!


  1. Your garden is beautiful. You can tell it gets lots of TLC. I'd never seen different colored cone flowers like yours before. All the ones I had were pink. They are lovely and the butterflies love them. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hi Debbie
    Oh my is your garden breathtaking* everything is just so beautiful. I have coneflowers for the first time this year. Mine are a dark pink. Your roses are gorgeous. Enjoy your kayak ride
    thanks for sharing your amazing garden
    love deezie

  3. Yes Debbie what we sow we reap, and you my dear have created a wonderment of beauty here to love. The stone path is a favorite, something about these little pathways that create a cottage charm really move me to just sit in its way and listen to nature.
    I have just planted over the weekend another container garden, this big clay pot holds a beautiful lavender plant next to a galvanized old container filled with herbs that greet ones visit to my front porch.
    Your coral roses just reminded me of how much I love this color in a garden mix, I should plant one?
    See you soon dear and all that you inspire here or there.


  4. Your gardens are just gorgeous, Debbie! I can almost smell those blooms from here:) Love your fairy garden, the birdbath makes the perfect container for it! I finally started one this year, in an old wood drawer that I painted (aqua of course). Unfortunately, the drawer is not holding up at all and I'll have to find something else to put it all in, darn!

  5. Debbie just swooning. Your cottage garden is beautiful. Happy Friday.

  6. I love those coneflowers, they are gorgeous! I must get some for my garden! I hope you had an enjoyable paddle in the kayak :)