Sunday, June 16, 2013

Waiting for the flowers to bloom.

Happy Father's Day!
It's been sunny off, and on today.
I went outside to take a few pictures while the sun was out.
I cannot believe it's the middle of June already!
Most of my flowers haven't even bloomed yet!

This is the potting bench Mr. L built for me years ago.
I can't imagine Summer without it.

There are SO many perennials that haven't bloomed yet!
Everything is late because of the long winter we had.

When the Hollyhocks finally do flower, they are going to be monsters!!!!
I won't be able to see any other flowers in here!

Hello Peonies...time to wake up.
I'm not complaining. Summer is so short here. Having flowers blooming in July AND August will be nice. Usually things start looking a little worn, and leggy by August. So having the gardens look fresh for a little longer into the season is a plus.
I still have quite a few Iris. That's a good thing.
Hopefully you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon.
~~~~God Bless You~~~~


  1. Wow, your flowers are sleeping late this year, Debbie! lolol! But everything looks so happy and healthy! I ADORE that swing, girl! What a beautiful piece!!! I can see why Mark was enamored with it. :) Can hardly wait to see your amazing home in RC! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  2. Sitting in your swing and viewing your flowers we be delightful!

  3. Debbie...I've never seen such vivid colors in a garden before. To say you have a green thumb is just not enough! I love hollyhocks but mine never seemed to make it. And your hanging plant, the second to the last pic...I can't remember the name of it...mine always had the wind knock the blooms off!

    Here's to flowers in July and August!! Just when summer seems to make us a little'll have a great pick me up!


  4. Your gardens look lush and happy Debbie! It has been a much cooler spring here too, enjoy the flowers:@)

  5. Your flowers are beautiful, things are even later here, I barely have buds on the peonies and the dry fall last year really hurt them even though we watered like crazy. I lost a lot of perennials, even shrubs! But the lilacs were the best I can ever remember, doesn't make sense. Everything looks so lush and pretty in your yard and that swing is perfect!

  6. What beautiful photos, Debbie! I love your potting bench, and your pergola and swing look like the perfect place to hang out. Before you know it, your gardens will be in full bloom!

  7. Everything looks so summery and sweet - love it! My beloved godfather (who raised me) used to call the fuschias (I think that's what they're called, the pink and purple ones) "ballerinas". He said they reminded him of little floating dancers in tutus!

    We've had so much rain in NJ I feel I should be building an ark! Hopefully the sun will come out and dry us up soon and then I can get into the garden a bit too!

    Thanks for sharing,