Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A "blah" day.


It's one of those "blah" days here at the lakehouse.

You know the ones that are completely overcast with grey clouds. It rains off and on, and is a little windy.
 You go through the house and see so many things that you could get done, but don't feel like doing anything.

 You don't feel sad...just "blah".

 I took pictures of my collection of grey shells...kind of matches the day...although I LOVE all the shades of grey in each shell. Some are soft, and fade into white. Some are dark with specks of orange or burgundy in them. Then there are some that are that beautiful grey-blue...the color of a stormy sea.

I really don't know where this fascination with seashells came from. Laurie always has shells displayed at her house..inside and out.
Maybe that's where I got the bug.

Anyway....after looking at my shells, I decided to clean the hutch.
Inside I found this old tablecloth that belonged to my Grandma.
It has the perfect shade of aqua, and a pop of red. I love the contrast against the white in the middle and along the edge.
The tablecloth got me out of my grey mood. It reminded me of what a wonderful woman my Grandma was. I loved her with all my heart. I always wanted to be just like her when I grew up. I'm still waiting for that to happen...because I am still waiting to grow up.



  1. I love all your shells Debbie! For some reason we don't have shells here on the So Cal beaches so I actually have to buy them when I want some! Unlike FL where they're everywhere.

    I'm glad your blah's are going away and here's to sunshine coming your way:)

  2. Shells are so fun. I love collecting them, but then I box them up to keep for later...maybe one of these days I will use them in my decor...
    Your grandma's tablecloth is so pretty...would make me smile too.
    Hugs- Tete

  3. I totally get days like that Debbie. I hate gray skies. Nice photos though.

  4. Being a Cali-Girl I will always LOVE shells~

    I hope your day BRIGHTENS UP!

    Love to you~ Rebecca

  5. I have been feeling the same way today, too, Debbie! it has been so hot and humid...I have flowers to plant and it is just so sticky outside. So I feel guilty for putting it off and that makes me sad! But I AM doing laundry for goodness sake so I'm not a complete slug!!

    I love all your pretty shells. I need to find some for the lakehouse to give it a more beachy feeling indoors. I need a trip to the ocean, don't I?!!!!

    Hang in there!


  6. Hi Debbie,
    Love all your shells but really love the tablecloth.
    Sometimes it is nice to have "blah" days!!!!
    Enjoy your day!!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  7. I'm having one of those days too, plus I have absolutely no energy. I'm on my third nap of the day, which is so unlike me. Started vacation today with big plans of things to do and not one thing accomplished,p. Major storms setting in right now. I hope things are back to normal tomorrow for us both!

  8. You had one of those days too my friend? It must be the weather. I've been trying all day to get motivated but it just didn't work. I guess tomorrow will be another day to try. ~Hugs, M

  9. I think it's just the heat and humidity, sweetie. I hibernated inside all day long in the AC washing slipcovers and yes...doing more floofing - stepping outside only long enough to water my pour drooping plants. I adore that you put all of your gray shells together. And I love the idea that they're the same color of a stormy sea. What a pretty thought! Your grandmother's tablecloth is so pretty! Pretty and happy! Put that smile back on your face....You'll be here in just a couple days!!!!!!!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  10. Hello Debbie, me again! I just wanted to thank you for entering my giveaway and posting it on your sidebar:) Your comments were awaiting moderation and I just now saw them...sorry about that!

    Thanks again:)

  11. I can totally relate to "blah" days but this post sure is gorgeous with all your seashells.

    Hope you get a chance to come over and enter our "Celebrate Summer" giveaway for a pair of Beach Glass Earrings.


  12. Love your gray shell collection. Just remember, we may grow older but we never have to grow up!

  13. Hi Debbie,
    I love your shell collection. I had one...got all my shells from the Gulf of Mexico, but I gave them to my granddaughter when she decorated her room in beach decor.
    Love your grandma's tablecloth...so pretty.
    It was a blah day here in Ohio too...had rain with a few thunderstorms.

  14. Hi Debbie!
    Sometimes I need those blah days just to recharge a little~ at least that's what I tell myself!
    Such pretty shells & love your table cloth!

  15. Love the post about your Grandma...since I am so sentimental! It is wonderful how there love still embraces after they are gone. Glad it is looking cheerier at the lake house!

  16. Rainy and gloomy here too...and to top it off I can't upload my photos to blogger. I hate missing White Wednesday...your pretty photos made me smile though!

  17. So far this week we've had nothing but gray days. It's so easy to feel gloomy on days like this. I love how that color just makes the day brighter. I had a spill on my table cloth yesterday and put in the wash and haven't yet replaced it. I think I need to go to the linen closet and find a bright one and put it on today. Thank you for that cheerful idea!

  18. It was very blah here yesterday and it was very weird too. It was storming on one side of us and sunny on the other. I hope you didn't get hit with any of the bad storms, they were scary.
    I love your seashells, they are so beautiful and the tablecloth is so pretty, I adore the colors and so sweet that it came from your grandma, I love special things like that. :)
    see you soon!!!!