Monday, November 29, 2010

Ornament shopping...continued.

Hello bloggers.
It's Monday night, and I'm getting ready for bed..but first wanted to show you the neat ornaments I found yesterday. Remember, the day I was shopping for ornaments, and brought home a lamp?

The first thing I saw when I walked into the shop yesterday were these awesome mercury glass acorns. They were hung on a big tree right next to the door.
I ended up with two large ones, and three smaller ones.
I also bought a few other silver ornaments, but the acorns are my favorites.

I also LOVE these blue bulbs. They look really nice with all the white in the house.

There were these wonderful baubles too!  I wanted to hang them on the chandelier in the dining room.
You can't  have too much bling on a chandy, can you?!
I probably should have bought round ones, but I couldn't resist the square ones.
Little by little, the lakehouse is getting dressed for the holidays.  We'll be cutting a fresh tree for the living room this week sometime. I'll show you that when it's all prettied up.
Have a great night everyone!


  1. Love, love, love your ornaments, Debbie! I adore acorns, and yours are gorgeous! And no, you can never have too much bling on a chandelier. It's just not possible! Your home is looking great for the holidays!

  2. Love the acorns and the turquoise ones. They are so pretty!

  3. The acorns are lovely darling. I actually bought ornaments today, usually I get them after Christmas.

  4. So far your decorations are sweet!!! Can't wait to see more!!!
    Happy Holidays!!!

  5. Debbie- I love those silver acorns! I have never seen those before! And, no, you can never have too much bling! Love it! Can't wait to see your tree! Hugs- Diana

  6. Debbie- I love your new ornaments. I have tiny glass acorns. Thanks for visiting me and for all your comments. I can't wait to see your tree!
    Like your new header- so cool!
    Hugs- Tete

  7. Debbie, the acorns are beautiful! Isn't it such fun to decorate for Christmas? xo Lidy

  8. Hi Debbie...hope you had a great Thanksgiving...I love your new acorn ornaments...mercury glass in any form always reminds me of the 1940's....I don't even know if that's when it was first popular but it sounds good...LOL....and that lamp you found is fabulous...I have never seen a lamp with a built in magazine rack's very cool...

  9. I those acorns are a perfect addition to your lakehouse-very neat find!

  10. Lovin' the acorns and chandy bling is always a good thing:@)

  11. I square ornaments are so pretty on the chandy Deb...and love the look of the acorns, haven't seen those around here, going Christmas shopping today but will spend some time in Toy R Us!


    PS. Love the lamp:)

  12. Love the acorns!! I have some pinecones, but would love some acorns! Looking great Debbie! I haven't even gotten started! Have a joyful week!!

  13. Man - those acorns are wonderful, aren't they? I have some bronze colored ones, with artificial snow glitter on them! Very pretty!

  14. OOOh you have a white tree!! You lucky girl!! It looks really nice with the silvery acorn ornaments + snowflake ones! My radar is on the hunt for a discount special white tree; if I can find one. ;)I have those same blue bulbs only in pink except one broke last week. I am feeling much better thank you for your well wishes!
    Lara xo

  15. It is looking great Debbie, little by little is the way to go. I have seen Mercury glass everywhere today. I am so sorry I had a big piece in my hand and put it down..I hate when I do that, because now I want it and will have to make another trip. Your little acorn is way too cute!

  16. Believe me when I say that you aren't missing much. What we lack in culture is made up in slot machines and smokers. I'd much rather live on the YOU! Haha! It's a fun weekend getaway destination spot with lots to do and even more to see. Just make sure you look me up when you make your way out here...

  17. It's starting to look Chrismasy around your home. I love silver mercury glass ornaments!


  18. Hi Debbie! It looks great so far!!! I love your mercury glass acorns...perfect!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  19. Those acorns are gorgeous! They go so well with the white tree. Can't wait to see your fresh-cut one.

  20. HOW gorgeous is that acorn! WOW!

    m ^..^

  21. Oooh... I LOVE those acorn ornaments!! They're wonderfully large... sooo pretty!
    Have a wonderful day, Debbie!
    ~ Jo :)

  22. I love your new to you ornaments. The acorns are just so precious. I'm looking forward to seeing your tree!

  23. Hey sis! Those sweet little acorns are popping up everywhere! They are soooo cute!!!! And that turquoise fits perfectly into your beachy decor!

    Your chandy is getting glitzier and glammier (is that a word....?) all the time. :) Just beautiful!!!! Can hardly wait til your tree is all dressed, sweetie! :)

    xoxo laurie

  24. I love those acorn ornaments...BEAUTIFUL! And your house looks lovely. Love your taste! Can't wait to see more!

  25. Oh, and I love your Christmas music on your blog. Going to listen to it while I create. :) Gets me in the Christmas mood!

  26. Oh, those are nifty - so different !!! I love the way they look against all the white - very elegant !

    thanks for sharing !