Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ornament shopping, and coming home with a lamp.

Hello chickies.
I went shopping for Christmas ornaments this afternoon, and came home with a lamp.
The last thing I needed was another lamp...but when I saw this ticking shade(you can't even tell it's ticking, can you), I fell in love. I also love the shape of the shade.

Most of the other pieces I have are white, but it seems I'm gradually bringing in a burlap color to decorate with.
The last lamp I bought has a burlap shade, which I REALLY like.

 The color, and the ticking match my newest pillows, which are burlap and ticking, of course.

I also love the fact that the base is actually a magazine rack.

I DID find some mercury glass balls to decorate with for the holidays..but that's for another post.
I was pleasantly surprised to find some mercury glass acorns today...they look great on the white tree(one of many we have here at the lakehouse.)
Soooo...that's my new lamp.  I think I'll go and turn it on, and sit on the sofa and look at it for awhile.
See ya!


  1. That is totally something that I would do...and I love the lamp/magazine rack. And funny enough - I am loving burlap right now and have been working it in as best I can into my house.

  2. Hey~ it's cute & looks like a perfect spot to chill with a Jeanne d' Arc. :) It's a nice wide-shaped shade. We must both have lamps on the mind because I just posted about my new one. ;)
    Lara xo

  3. I would buy that lamp too! It's so pretty and I love that it's a magazine rack. I see you have displayed the pretty Denmark mag. Love it!

    Can't wait to see your mercury glass. I have a serious love with it.


  4. Debbie- That is a really cute lamp. I don't think I've ever seen one quite like it! I see we have the same magazine on our end table! Hugs- Diana

  5. So funny that you came home with a lamp after your ornament shopping trip! I love it! It is so perfect for your home, I've never seen once like it. And the shape of the shade is so cool, too! I love all of your wonderful whites, Debbie! Can't wait to see your trees:)

  6. Your house is so neat Debbie-when can I move in? Love all the white mirrors!

  7. That is totally unique, and it is perfect for that table!

  8. Debbie- Just wanted to thank you for all your nice comments while we have been decorating! I love this lamp- and the shade. I have a thing for shapes and I really am drawn to the bell shape with a twist.
    Pillow ticking is so cool!
    I love the way you decorate with only whites- and a hint of burlap. I do not have the discipline. I wish I did.
    Hugs- Tete

  9. Looks like it was made for that room-enjoy:@)

  10. What a delightful find. I like burlap and the white combo. Still light and gives a nice touch too. One of my granddaughters and I made little acorn ornaments and gave them to everyone at Thanksgiving. They are symbol of good fortune and it is recommended you hang them on your Christmas tree or even carry one in your pocket. I did a little on line research to find out this is a German custom and I wanted to share that with my family as there are some German ancestors in our family tree.

  11. Debbie, I just love that lamp! I love repurposed items and this lamp is stunning!

  12. Hey sista!!! That lamp is awesome! It looks so good in your living room. It matches your walls just perfectly! And your new pillow? LUV it!!!! Beautiful job!!! Now get busy with that tree. We all wanna see.....! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  13. I really like your new lamp. It has a great shape. Looks great in your room too.