Tuesday, June 1, 2021

"Hello" to June!

Memorial Weekend was busy here on the lake. Lots of people up for the four day holiday.
All is quiet again, since everyone has returned home.
We spent Sunday afternoon on the water, relaxing in the sun.
I have a few small roses on one of the Bonica rose bushes I ordered from Heirloom Roses, already. They are such a beautiful color of pink!

The driveway is getting resurfaced tomorrow, so everything is up on the porch.
I will be happy to have it done!
It is so faded, and needs to be filled in.
The porches will then get a couple of coats of charcoal paint.
The white is so hard to keep clean!!

I am fertilizing the plants this year.
I let them go last year, and they all got so leggy.  I plan on keeping them looking healthier this Summer!!
The newest garden area is looking nice.
I am enjoying being outside so much this year.
I have been having issues with the deer chewing on the plants, however.  So much time, effort, and money goes into the gardens.  Dealing with all the damage the deer do is so frustrating at times!

The Honeysuckle is starting to reach the right side of the hay ring arbor. I attatched some chicken wire to guide it along.
There's a clematis on the front of the left side that is starting to climb.
I am still waiting for the rambling rose to arrive from Heirloom Roses for the left side.

The annuals are filling in nicely, as the perennials get established this year.
Saying "farewell" to May, and "hello" to June already.  Summer goes by much too quickly!  I trust you are able to get outside and enjoy the weather.  
Have a wonderful week!!


  1. Your flowers already look beautiful and I know it's just starting the growing season there. We are getting hot and we are so dry that it is harming our grass and plants, but it will rain soon. Can't worry about the weather! lol Sweet hugs!

  2. Debbie everything looks so pretty. Summer is almost here. xoxo Kris

  3. It sounds like you have been keeping very busy and your garden looks so pretty. I put water and some ground cayenne pepper in a spray bottle and spray the leaves of my plants and that deters the deer from our garden, works on rabbits too.

  4. I'v been following your blog for som time now, and I love your garden, flowers and home.
    Wish you a great June and a lovely summer.
    Greetings from SkellefteƄ-Sweden.

  5. I'm so looking forward to June and warmer weather. May was just to cold. although Memorial Day brought 70 degrees and sunshine. I love summer and all the flowers. Roses seems to be doing really well here this year.