Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Roses with holey leaves.

Every year it seems the roses just get better, and every year something comes along that tries to destroy them.
Usually, the Japanese Beetles, deer and rabbits invade the gardens.
This year a new bug decided to feast on the leaves of the rose plants.
Aphids come and go, but this was a little green worm.
They ate holes in almost every leaf, until I found the critters!!

I've been deadheading, and trimming off chewed leaves....but the roses look a little sad right now.
They would probably prefer to grow in someone else's garden...somewhere with less invaders!!

The leaves are coming back, and looking a little healthier.
I really need to get caught up on deadheading, and weeding.
There are lots of roses, so far.
I am worried the Japanese Beetles will be here soon, though.

This white climber produced so many roses, but got hit hard with the leaf chewer.
I had to really cut it back....what a sad state of affairs.

Now that everything is up, I can add the mulch.
It looks so much nicer after that is put down.

Went to Tractor Supply with my youngest daughter over the weekend, and was happy to find this little calf for 20% off!! It's another Red Shed item that goes with the other farm animals I've purchased there.

There are plants popping up in front of other plants....that means transplanting!!!
Now that the temps have dropped a bit, I will be able to get out in the gardens and move things around again.

These are pretty roses.
They don't produce many flowers...but I sure enjoy what they do give me.

These little sweeties grow under the Rose of Sharon.
They peak there heads out now and then, to see if anyone is looking.

The New Dawn Roses were all but destroyed by the beetles last year.
They are coming back this Summer.
Pretty low to the ground...but I am so happy to see them coming back!!
They will get clipped today.

This is another New Dawn Rose that was coming back, but the worm ate so many of the leaves!!
I tried cleaning it up, and am so grateful to see it blooming!
Hopefully, it will fill the arbor once more.

More holes in leaves.....but at least there are blooms!!
If it's not one thing, it's another here at the lakehouse.
I am grateful for the little things, because at the end of the day...they are the BIG things!!
Have a great evening.


  1. Oh Debbie your roses are gorgeous. When I was in the last house my roses were attacked by those worms. I got something to spray on them from Home Depot and it did the trick. Sorry I cannot remember the name of it. It came in a bottle that you attached to the hose and you spray it that way if I remember right. I usually do not like to spray for bugs but the guy at Home Depot said these worms would kill the roses if you let them keep going. Whether he knew what he was talking about or not I decided not to chance it. So I thought I would let you know. Have a great week. xoxo

  2. I usually like red roses best but that pale pink is gorgeous! I remember having those beetles...they are terrible and can ruin a plant over night!

  3. I have one rose bush and love it. I am not sure what it is called, but it has yellow roses and smells like lemons. I just love her. Each year we have something eating her leaves too and I go out there and trim them and Hubby puts something on them and they seem find for while. I told him when we sell the house I am taking her with us.

  4. Cedar oil is a natural remedy for beetles I am led to believe. Beautiful roses in such glorious colours.

  5. Your roses are beautiful and show all the TLC you give them. Gardening is hard work but well worth the effort. Enjoy your garden. Summer flies by so fast

  6. Such a beautiful look around your garden! Just a lovely show. Our roses are finished for now and I have work to do! It's crazy hot here now so hoping for the best.

  7. So sad. I hate to cut them back, but it is better for their growth. I protected mine from the sun starting yesterday, but one slipped out from under the sheet and its leaves are all sunburned on their tips. xoxo Su

  8. I love roses and always grow them but they are prone to so many insects and other diseases. I just keep an eye out for things and nip them in the bud so to speak! Your roses are beautiful!!