Friday, May 21, 2021

Things are growing here!!

I have struggled with my computer for months!! Getting it worked on.... off and on. Blogging, not blogging.
Last week, it died.
My honey finally felt I needed a brand new one....instead of trying to revive the old one.
This is my first post, on my new computer.
The lilacs are here, and as lovely as ever!

This is the newest garden area.
We used a hay ring for the arbor, and painted it black. The honeysuckle will be trained to grow up the right side, and a rambling rose on the left side.
I found this idea in the recent "Country Gardens" issue.

Tractor Supply has the cutest farm style decorations for gardens, porches, and yards this year!!
Signs, solar lights, furniture, planters, rugs, metal animals, wind chimes, etc.

These cute goats, and the rooster and chicks went perfect with my homemade scarecrow!!
They also have a pink pig!

The lanterns on the bridge, and the peapod boat and oars are the newest addition to the birdbath Fairy Garden.

Just waiting for things to bloom.

My daughters' neighbor gave these plants to me last year. I don't know what they are, but I just LOVE them!!! What a wonderful surprise when they opened!!
They remind me of little fireworks!

Wait until you see what Jim is going to build over the table and chairs.
I am excited to have it done.
I have been doing a lot of work outside this year since the weather has finally warmed up.  I am hoping to be successful with the David Austin roses that are starting to arrive.  
Jim is planning a larger vegetable garden this year.  If we can keep the deer and rabbits away, it will be great!!
Happy gardening.....xxoo


  1. Congrats on the new computer. I love your new garden, it is so pretty. I did not know you had a beautiful view like that on the lake.

  2. How Nice to have a new computer that you can rely on and all those wonderful new things in your garden areas. I love them all. They are very attractive and welcoming. It's finally warmed up here to and my daughter filled my flower boxes with plants, so things are now growing here too. I don't have a garden just container plants but they are better than nothing. I'm just so thankful it finally warmed up!