Sunday, May 9, 2021

Making baby steps outside....still freezing at night....ugh.

The weather here at the Lakehouse is still colder than it should be for this time of the year. We get freeze and frost warnings every night.
I am NOT getting very much gardening done.
These little lanterns were added to the bridge in the fairy garden this year, as well as the pea pod fishing boat.
The plants will fill in....eventually.

Tractor Supply has the cutest farm accents for the garden this year.
The solar light on top of the door, the rooster, and the little yellow chic at the foot of the scarecrow.
I painted this scarecrow last year.

There are quite a few plants that are waiting to go into the ground....IF it ever warms up enough at night!!  I am sure they don't want to actually "live" in these boxes!!
I keep telling them, "tomorrow I will move you to your new home."  i think they are starting to make plans to leave(squinty eyes).  If I open the garage door in the morning, and they are all gone...I won't be surprised.

At least this area is filling in.
The plants in the pots still get put in the garage at night....ugh.
The patio table and chairs are in the process of being cleaned up for a fresh coat of paint.
Once we get that done, we can use this area for outdoor dining. (we might have to wear our snowsuits, but it should work).

Here are those traveling planters I told you about in my last post.
They just keep going back and at night, and out during the day...".wheeeeeee!!!! here we go again!!"
I think I will paint the porch charcoal this match the door, and make it a little easier to keep clean.   A white floor and steps doesn't work well for me...sad face.
I have so many things planned for the gardens, if the temps would just move up, and stay warm enough to plant!!
Have a wonderful week!


  1. I hope the weather warms up and stays warm especially at night. Your plants will be so pretty for summer. Love your little fairy garden with the new lanterns. Super sweet. Hope your Mom's Day was nice and you celebrated the great mom and grandmother you are. xoxo

  2. Hi Debbie! I hope your weather warms up pretty soon! We have had some cooler nights in SC lately. It is a little humid here today because we are supposed to get some much needed rain. Love your little fairy garden, so cute!!

  3. We are to hav a warmer week ahead here. We did have frost warnings over night and I haven't started to plant anything yet. I did get one hanging basket for Mother's Day but had to put it in a sheltered place so no frost could hit it. It's supposed to continue to warm as the week goes on. Maybe by next week we'll be able to finally get some flowers planted.

  4. Everything is so charming. I love the fairy garden and I also love your white wrought iron table set. Your garden is so charming. xoox Su