Saturday, October 25, 2014

The blogging neighborhood.

Okay...I had posted something earlier, but a sweet blogging friend of mine gave me some good advice.
I am, therefore, rewriting this post.
My middle daughter, Erin, loved Mr. Rogers.
As soon as she heard...It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
It's a beautiful day in the beauty wood,
won't you be mine, won't you be mine,
won't you be my neighbor....she would run into the living room, and jump on the sofa to watch her favorite show.
As weird as I might have thought this tall, thin man in the sweater that I'm older, I realize he was spot on with his ideals.

Our world is full of different people.
Each one with different talents to share.
Some might see a pile of beads, and get an idea to craft something like a rosary out of it....each person's perception of what that rosary should look like will be different.
Small glass beads, large wooden beads, medium pearl beads.
The cross might have an image of Christ, or it may not.
It all depends on the artists perception of what the finished piece should look like.

We are all individuals.
Sometimes we see something on Pinterest, or on a blog, or facebook, or even etsy that we like.
If we are talented enough, we may try to reproduce what we see. Usually we add something to the object to make it our own. We tweek the add something of ourselves to it.

That's all a part of blogging, and pinterest. The aspect of sharing ideas.
As long as you stay true to yourself, and don't become so engrossed with what someone else has that you totally immerse yourself in what they have, and what they are about.

There are the original pieces that you cannot copy.
Someones true style.
You can always spot a piece that a certain artist has done.
Instead of trying to reproduce their piece, you would rather have the original.
That sets them apart.
It makes them unique.

I am blessed by the people I've met here.
So many talented, original, people in this neighborhood.
A diversity of people.
Recently I've had the pleasure to meet (through blogging) ladies like Vera, and Kerrie. Two gifted gals that I love to visit.
Kris is another lady that has been a real friend that I can relate to in this neighborhood called blogging.  She is filled with good advice when you need an honest opinion.
Susie, and Tete, and of course, Diana (she's a little unstable, but always good for a laugh).
Everyone has something to contribute here. We are all individuals that need each other....for fellowship, support, ideas, sharing, and sometimes a slap upside the head.  There is no one person that is above another. We are equals. Lets encourage each other in this place, this neighborhood called blogging. xoxo


  1. That's a very cryptic message. I hope something didn't happen to upset you. xo

  2. You are SUCH a brat! lol I'll give you unstable! lol
    I agree, Debbie. I think we need to honor and respect the diversity of others and not criticize or confront when someone doesn't think as we do- or do what we do. That is what makes the blogging world go around.

    I love that we can support each other as independent women and craftswomen and artists. Some have a way with words that are pure poetry. If you have ever read Laurie's blog (I Loved A cloudy Day) she writes about everyday things and it reads like a pure prose to me.

    If I don't like something on someone's blog - or am offended by something- I simply leave the blog. What they feel is their privilege and prerogative and I would never judge them by my own standards (as low as they might be--lol).

    Thank you for this uplifting post...a celebration of bloggers and blogging and good friends across the blogging world. Love it- love you- Diana (your "unstable" friend).....

  3. Very true! We are all unique and I Thank God for that. What a boring world we would live in if we all had to be/think/feel/create like the other! I'm grateful because each blog in my neighborhood challenges me use my gifts and talents in the ways I was created to use them! Hallelujah for that!! Blessings, Cindy

  4. A perfect post on this beautiful Sunday morning :) We are so lucky to have this life!

  5. I had no problem with the first post on this. This one has quite a measure of diplomacy, may have been inspired by a thought of making someone angry or that You were angry, god forbid! because ''nice blogging ladies don't get angry'', right? lolol. That is the readers choice, but often the words need to be said the way they come out pure and unadulterated for their authentic message. I don't know what is going on but I have seen others take credit for something they didn't create. I did try to tell them to return it since they had put their name on someone elses work, but nothing came of it. I was not the only one who told them....but they have chosen not to for some reason.
    I still think original artists have a well spring - and what they possess more than art is an abundance, alot like a fruit tree one person alone cannot consume, but must either sell or give away some so it doesn't be wasted. A thing of beauty, once put ''out there'' WILL be mimicked and copied, this is a rule, to be expected. As artists we expect that some will sell and some given.....but once out, the creative force within others will create something from it. Once given out, it belongs to the world. I often think, what is more important, or Godly.....that we get credit for something we created and try to police it by copyrights? and others are forbidden to play with their versions of it? or that someone was so enlivened, inspired by what I made they wanted to make their own version, to duplicate it? I love the inspiration, love inspiring others, what I created is out and giving joy now. I can go create something else, and keep doing this until I am out of creative juice....but just think of what it made those copiers feel? You gave Rachel Ashwell as an example, a good one. I have seen some of what she created made better by others who mimicked what she ''invented''. I love this......things of beauty keep transforming into more beauty.

  6. Good Morning sweet friend. Blog World, Pinterest and Facebook are wonderful places where like minded people can find each other that normally would not. It is amazing all the talent out there and wonderful inspiration. It is a beautiful venue we can all share our talents with each other. Happy Sunday. Enjoy.

  7. Debbie you are so correct. I much more enjoy reading the blogs of those who share what they have done or are doing not to impress but to share out of friendship. Tete was the first person to ever read my blog some 4 years ago. And your right Diana is a little unstable and that is why we love her!! Your blog actually is one of the first I read when I started blogging. We are all different but that what makes it fun

  8. I am also reading into this point that someone has upset you. You are correct in saying that people can interpret the same thing differently, something that surprised me once when two of us had the same writing assignment topic.
    The women I've met through blogging have all contributed to my personal growth with their varied talents and personalities. Some of the crafty ones have even inspired me to creat things I otherwise wouldn't have but in sharing it on my blog it's important to give credit where it's due.
    I once caught a blogger sharing something at a blogging party link that I had created for my blog and when I told her she needed to credit me, she just said her sister had sent it to her...she didn't get it at all. Such is life!

  9. A very lovely post. Glad you're in my neighborhood, Debbie.

  10. Hi Debbie, See many people believe we should all be nice to one another too. That makes me much happier. I have visited blogs that I may not have agreed with the topic, I will leave just leave a few words or none at all. But I do try to leave kinds words. Do we need our blog family hurting us? isn't there enough hatefulness in the world? I just can't do it. That is one reason I do not face book...everyone knows your business and some are not kind with they have forgotten the golden rule. Debbie, you know you are truly special to were there for me when my daughter went thru breast sent cards, prayers and words of encouragement. I will always hold you in high regard. Love, Susie

  11. Debbie,
    I just checked my dashboard and noticed you had put up another blog and then I realized you had changed it. I appreciate your acknowledgment of my blog, thank you.
    I have met so many truly unique, sweet, kind and generous bloggers. For me reading a new post is like receiving a gift of someone sharing their talent and their thoughts. I always give credit on my posts with named sources. Blogging takes time and thought and I truly enjoy the friendships I've been graced with by a community of talent and compassion.
    I hope this read OK, I'm fighting a cold and I am attached to a Kleenex box!
    Debbie I value the friendship we have formed.

  12. I see some of Kerrie's beautiful artwork up there! I'm so blessed to own some of her beautiful pieces, she is so talented and on top of that, one of the most beautiful women, both inside and out, that I've met through blogging:)

    I agree, we should lift each other up and encourage each other! Ugliness is not necessary, there's already enough of that in the world.

  13. A lovely post, my Dear.

    With the perfect pitch...

    The perfect pitch.

    Sad are those, who can only "become like another"... Not finding their own unique self. Or finding it, and losing it... In a quest to be "another"...

    Gentle hugs,
    "Here there be musing" blog
    "Here there be more words" blog

  14. Hello, Firstly I want to thank you for your very kind and special gift you sent me this last week! You are an artist in your heart and you create beauty with your words and your love for everything lovely. I have always loved the scripture that says there is nothing new under the sun! We are all just duplicating what God has given another.It all comes from him. When I make something and someone wants to know how I did it, I think of it as an honor. But I have copied things from an artist that I can only say looks like a shadow of the original. We are called to love and encourage others. You my dear have graced me with kind words and encouraged me in my walk! But you have also given a truth of the real person! Just know you blessed me in a time of the hardest week of my life. Now that was not an accident, but God;s providence...
    Yours, Roxy xo

  15. Please forgive me if I said anything unsavoury. Everyone is entitled to what they are feeling.

  16. You are very kind, Debbie, and have a large heart. I've always only found beauty and grace on your blog, and I enjoy coming here. Your last sentence was about encouraging one another. It reminds me of this: "Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing." 1 Thessalonians 5:11 ESV I have a pastor friend who once gave a message about "Balcony People" vs "Basement People". Balcony people lift others up, they cheer them on. Basement People drag people down, and discourage them. I want to be a Balcony Person. And that's what I believe you are. Hugs, Nancy

  17. Well said Debbie and you know I agree!!

  18. I agree! I believe we all need to respect and uplift each other! :)

  19. Thank you Debbie for your kindness. I am grateful for your friendship. You have said everything so thoughtfully here. I believe we are to love our neighbors in kindness, gentleness, lowliness, patience, and compassion. Mr. Rogers message is one to live by. xxo

    PS The Rosary is so beautiful hanging from that door besides the vintage birdcage.

  20. Hi! I'm a new follower from Italy. I love your home and the place where you live. Lovely post and i agree with you.

  21. Well said...
    I think part of the appeal of Mr. Rogers is that he is peaceful to listen to... and everything on his show was simple and kind. It's comforting...
    Kerrie's painting looks so pretty ... and I love your white cross.


  22. I think the best thing that each of us brings to the table here is love. Love and acceptance. Forgiveness is a gimme and understanding that while we try to be the strong woman in our own worlds, we can come here and be us and its ok. Lifting each other up in prayer, in praise, in a sisterhood unlike anything we had before. We all are talented. We have something that makes each of us special.