Saturday, October 4, 2014

Making room.

The sun keeps breaking through the clouds every now and then this morning.
The temps have dropped off considerably from the past week.
It's Fall here at the Lakehouse.

The Mr. and I finished moving out the rest of the furniture from my booth on Tuesday.
Seashells and Lavender is officially closed.

Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with the few pieces left.
There were only three totes packed full...which was a good thing.

There are a few pieces that I didn't pack away.
I've worked them into the decor here at the Lakehouse.
Like the pretty gravy boat sitting on the shelf.

I used this cute cubby at the shop for odds and ends.
It works well on the farm cupboard for serviettes, sachets, votives, and extra tapers.

I can always use more linen napkins....
Either for sachets, or dining.
The lone drawer pull that was left adds to the vignette.

I love the rustic, French cake stand. It works well for a riser under the apothecary jar of lavender.

Only three clocks left.
Too pretty to pack away.

I saved one last hand made tag from the shop...just for a keepsake.
I did keep my license...just in case.
Who knows what God has planned?
For the time being, I will move on. I'm thankful for the opportunity I had to have my own store for the years I had it. Then for the booth to use as that stepping stone to ease out of the business.
I'm not sure where I'll be heading from here....maybe no further than my own front yard.
Whatever the is good!


  1. I wish you the best on your new venture of curious mystery! I LOVE those clocks and I usually dont like time tickers but those are very pretty. Everything looks beautiful.

  2. Debbie, I know you enjoyed your shop and then the booth. Seems that things run a course. Like Ted and I doing the farmer's market. You would sit all day with no one buying. That's wasted time. We did enjoy meeting and talking with people . All the extras we had left are now becoming gifts for birthdays and Christmas. It's good you kept some things for your home. I wish you many blessings in life. For right now, we better stay warm and have a nice cup of tea.:):) Love you , Susie

  3. Debbi,
    All your saved items from the store and booth are beautifully displayed in gathered harmony. Yes life is good and your future journey will be filled with unexpected blessings along the way.

  4. What are the little lacy pillows? Are those sachets? Did you make those? They are so pretty.

    Maybe you just need a little break Debbie - I bet you'll think of something else to do. You're so talented. Enjoy your weekend. We're at the lake too and it was 36 degrees this morning. We had to turn the heat on. Brrrr...... xo

  5. Kind of bittersweet, isn't it, Debbie? I know it must be a relief in one way and yet feel sad on some level, too. How about an Etsy shop? You could kind of do things as/if/when you wanted to then. You have such a good eye for "pretty" and I bet you could find a place for yourself in the Etsy marketplace.

    It is cold here, too. We were low 30s this morning...AND they had 2" of snow just NW of us a bit. I am NOT ready for this- Not ready at all!!!! xo Diana

  6. Whatever you set your heart and mind to do is beautiful, Debbie. I truly feel inspired and blessed every time I visit. Please continue to share the serenity and grace of your home and your words. The world needs more of what you give. xxx ~ Nancy

  7. It must be a bittersweet time closing the shop...did you enjoy it for the most part? I can just imagine how pretty it was if it was in your signature white, feminine and a bit shabby. Are you on Facebook? I've seen people offer things for sale many times. But...before you think of that, can I say that I'm interested in the old clocks? And the napkins. I think I just need a better pic of the clocks to see the proportions. And I can't walk away from vintage napkins. Send me an email when you get the chance,

    We are up in Michigan, too. Very cold and rainy and windy, but the same in Chi Town as well. I need to get my pots put away. The rain drove me in!

    I am going to try to take it easy next week. I may take a lot of walks, I just don't want to "undo" the keeping active and burning fat regimen I've been in. I mean, I don't walk on my hands! lol!

    Love to you and thanks for such a sweet comment. You would love Al.

    Jane xx

  8. Life is good must have been hard to close this chapter. But the possibility of a new chapter is kind of exciting!

  9. It is sweet that you were able to keep a few reminders from your retail days. The pedestal and trio of clocks are lovely pieces. Such pretty vignettes and the pretty linens are the perfect touch for your displays.

  10. Hello...You get to just breath in His sweet presence and wait till He gives you your next adventure. But I loved how you said maybe no further than your own front grass. I feel it has been a quiet time! It was so chilly here this morning I had to start a fire.
    I loved that gravy boat! I am now on a mission, I want to find one for the holidays to use instead of my glass measuring pitcher.How ugly is that, sitting on my lovely dinner table. Blessings to you! xo Roxy

  11. It is good to keep a few things from your store and booth space. I had a store many years doing shows for 29 years now. I'm at a place in my life that I am ready to let my shows go after this year...and might do an Etsy shop.
    Best wishes to you, my friend.

  12. The display on these shelves is made that much nicer from the things you saved for yourself and incorporated into your decor. Sad to close a chapter of your life but moving on brings about new experiences.
    Wishing you a happy Sunday Debbie.

  13. I had a little online shop for several years before we built our cottage. Loved making things for it and it was wonderful how something would sell just before we needed to purchase something we needed. It does all work out, doesn't it? I agree. Life is good. :)

  14. Life is good! It does not get any better than that, especially for the challenges you have faced and overcome over the last few years. Your leftovers look beautiful at home!

  15. Beautiful-Beautiful-Beautiful my dear Debbie!!!! I love the vignettes you created in the pretty shelf. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your scripture passage you left in your comment happens to be the very one I say to myself everyday :)))))
    I hope you have a glorious week sweetie!
    sending hugs.....

  16. Lovely vignettes and lovelier words, Debbie... We never really know what´s expecting for us around the corner, but the most important thing is to keep our hearts open to new possibilities! If your booth had completed its cycle, it´s very wise from you to let it go and look further, whatever may be your next life challenge (even if it´s only stay at home and enjoy simplicity of everyday life!) Wish you the best of the best for you in this new phase, warmest hugs and blessings!

  17. The china, clocks, and other decorations are beautiful!

  18. When God shuts a door he opens a window. Whatever this chapter in your life brings, God will be the center of it and it will be good!

    I have been looking for a pretty clock for my bedside for ages. Yours are gorgeous! If you are still interested in selling them I might be interested! Do any of them have alarms?

  19. Hi Debbie, I am sure GOD will show you the way and the direction for your talents.
    Everything you share in your pics are gorgeous. Who knows what's next??
    Take one day at a time and the rest will fall into place.
    LET GO, LET GOD as my mother always said.
    Blessings to you my friend.

  20. lovely treasures you have Debbie and so glad that life is treating you well !
    Gail x

  21. One by one, your leftover treasures will find new homes...for sure! You have gifted hands.

  22. Your blog is so beautiful. How have I missed it! Thank you for your kind words on mine. I am sorry it has taken me this long to come over to yours. I have been in a strange place this year with blogging. Not sure whether or not to continue so i have not been visiting others often , etc. your shop looks so lovely. And indeed i love the name. There is a time for everything...xxo

  23. I am back again to take a better look at your beautiful blog. I have tears in my eyes. Tears of thankfulness. Thankful to God for the kindness that is hidden that he leads me to find. Maybe you will consider opening an etsy shop. Your handsewn sachets are so so lovely. I look forward to visiting your blog and going back to read past posts. Your photos of your home on your sidebar make my heart melt. So happy to connect with you today. My heart is full. Thank you xxo

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