Friday, December 10, 2010

A Christmas surprise.

Ho, Ho, Ho.....Santa delivered a little something early.
Since we are going to Sanibel Island in March and April, someone thought I needed a little something to keep the anticipation fresh.
 It will be the first time for hubby and me....but my sweet sis and her hubby have been going to the Island for years. We will be staying at the same resort with Laurie and Rog from Heaven's Walk.  It will be wonderful to spend time at the ocean with our dearest friends.
Laurie sent some sea glass(the colors are perfect for the lakehouse!), and Sanibel beach sand, and shells!!!

I am soooooo blessed to have such a thoughtful person in my life.
Laurie is my soul sister....a kindred spirit.
I will cherish these reminders of our trip to come, and also of the person that sent me such treasures.
I love you sweet sis!!!!


  1. Debbie,
    I love the sea glass my guest bathroom is done in the these colors and I have sea shells and some sea glass but not as pretty as this!!
    Thank you for the sweet card you sent me...I only have 10% of my shopping done :(
    I have not finished my Christmas Cards yet either......I need to get on the ball!!! This working stuff is getting in my way :)

    Thanks for thinking of me!!
    Enjoy your Holidays!

  2. Oh...she is such a dear friend to you! I love that you are like sisters! What a neat thing to get in the mail. I'll bet you are even more anxious to go now. You will LOVE Sanibel...and think of me when you go across the Causeway bridge, will you? I used to cross it every day of life! I am envious! xxoo Diana

  3. Sweet - there is just not much that is prettier than sea glass!

  4. You and your sister are going to be where I too would love to be. Sand and shells are all a part of my dreams is good to dream of warmth and beaches! If and when I ever do get to beach I'm going to collect some for sweet memories too.
    If someone asks me why I'm smiling today I'll just say I'm on the beach. I hope your Friday is a great one.

  5. Debbie, thanks for stopping by my blog today! The decorating is going strong!! How thoughtful of your sister to send you those lovely things!!! Have a wonderful trip!

  6. Debbie- that gift is so you! And it looks right at home on in the lakehouse. The colors are so pretty!
    Got all your shopping done? Not me- have a little bit more. Have no clue on a couple of things. Rebecca is looking for me and I have been looking online.
    I have been getting more Christmas junk! She just snagged me some glass birds that clip on this morning!
    Hugs- Tete

  7. You're welcome, sista! :)

    I'll have you know that airport security thought I was carrying bomb making material on board and they had to test the sand to make sure it was real sand.

    I think they thought I was nuts.....

    LUV you MORE!!!!


    xoxo laurie

  8. Love that!!! I have lots of shells from vacay this year, and I love the ball jar!!! Lucky you!!!

  9. What a thoughtful gift! The colors are just gorgeous! And you will have such a great time in Sanibel!! I've been there once before, and it truly is a shellers paradise!!

  10. Wow-so awesome. We are going to Sanibel in January. Love the sea glass colors.

  11. That is very sweet Debbie! Enjoy your visit, it is going to be spectacular. Oh and take lots of pics of course to share with all of us!

  12. Such a nice little surprise from Laurie. So thoughtful of her. Your trip will be here before you know it!!!

  13. What a wonderful gift and the best gift of all-something to look forward to -time spent with friends!

  14. How pretty and will look great in your home, fits right in. I wonder if Nigrel Jamaica will have any? That's where we are going with friends of ours to celebrate mine and my husbands birthdays in April! We will both have to take pictures to share♥