Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby it's cold outside.

Good Monday morning lovies.
It's a cold one here at the lakehouse!
We lost power yesterday. It got down to 10 degrees last night, and with the winds howling at 40mph, the temp inside the house was almost as cold as it was outside.
Hubby FINALLY fired up the generator this morning...ugh...why do men wait until the last minute to do something???!!!
The power returned around ten this morning. Boy do I appreciate Ben Franklin and his kite.
 We attended hubby's Christmas party for Home Depot last night. It was such a nice evening...especially since we won a couple of prizes *wink.
These pretty holiday dishes were chosen by me, of course. They are from Better Homes and Gardens.  It's a setting for four.

 After taking the pics, I realized the candle on the bottom tier tilted...argh!!
Oh well, just look at everything else, and try not to focus on the candle.

 The hubs won a nice camera! I was very excited about that!! *wink, again.

 I have today off from the pharmacy. Christmas music will play, tree lights will be on, candles will be glowing, and wrapping paper will be flying.
The weather outside may be frightful, but inside it's going to be delightful.
Enjoy your day.....


  1. What a beautiful set! So festive!
    Blessings...for the power to stay on!!
    PS BE sure to enter my GIVEAWAY!

  2. What a beautiful set of dishes!
    I feel your pain about the power! I think I live on power outage road! We're always the first to go out & the last to come back on!
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed (for both of us)that the power stays ON!!!

  3. I love those dishes, so pretty! A camera too, you were both lucky, glad you had a wonderful time♥

  4. OH!!! Those dishes!! Tell me?? I can't buy them at Home Depot??? LOVE them!!
    Sorry about the heat & cold... I drove home from Ludington sat. in a treacherous snow, then here in Holland, nothing. It completely missed us.
    Your table top is just lovely!
    Stay warm..... K.

  5. What pretty dishes and I love the display! Sorry you were without power! But how romantic!
    Whe we lived in Ohio- we were ready and could live for weeks without power if we had to. Not so much here!
    I used to love getting snowed in there.
    We have more ice here and it takes out phone lines and power lines and we have no fire place or wood stove.
    Or generator!
    We will be ok though- my cook stove is gas without the electronic ignition- on purpose- so I can set the oven at 350 and it will stay around 70 in here.
    I can also boil water on top. We can always cook, too.
    My friends here can't.
    We have our fire pits outside and the cars- there is a way around it for us here, but not as convienent as a wood stove and a pile of wood!
    Have a fun day off!

  6. The pictures are beautiful, and the day sounds cozy!

  7. What pretty dishes, and a new camera! Sounds wonderful. And baby is it cold her too in the Carolina's, I am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing!

  8. Bbrrr! Not so cold here, just wet. thanks for your lovely comment and I am goingto try and sell the siphon. If it doesn't sell, I will probably display it in my office which has some touches of blue.

    Hope you stay warm this week.

    Take care,


  9. I do not like cold; NO I DO NOT LIKE COLD!! YIKERS--glad you got the electric back on! Love the dishes!

  10. Hi Debbie...
    I lost power last night for a couple things seem to have died down a bit.
    Sure is pretty though!
    Keep warm girl...Merry Christmas,
    Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings.,..

  11. Great dishes -how exciting to win something!!!!

  12. Home so now I can catch up on my favorite blogs!! I love the angel ornament from a few posts back.. and I love these dishes! You will have so much fun with these. Sansibel Island and that beautiful color blue. Lucky girl.. Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for dropping in.

  13. Hey Debbie ~ Beautiful vignette, Beautiful dishes.... Brrrr it sounds like you were Cold... I am getting use to the Cold here, since My Upper Apartment is always very cold in the winter. The Kitchen hoovers around 50 (unless I heat it up with the oven alittle) the rest of the place around 58-62.... I did get a Presto Heat Dish & an Electric blanket for the bed ~ the People Downstairs control the heat, I think they keep their place at 70, but it is an OLD home & I only have 3 heat ducts to get the heat up here, You have to actually put your hand on the vent to feel any Warmth, so in Winter I freeze & Summer I die from the heat (Thank God for 6 fans in the Summer)
    Stay Warm

  14. Lucky you! Love your plates! And I didn't even notice the tilted candle! Sound like you could've used them during your power outage! Hope you have a fireplace, that sure must have been cold!

  15. Debbie- Love those plates gal. Did you REALLY win them? I have to say I didn't notice the tilted candle til you pointed it out..maybe you should have been burning them to keep warm~

    We lost power but only for a minute and I was waiting for it to go off for good. We ended up with about 15 inches of snow...12" someplaces...16" other places..but here the wind creates terrible snow drifts. We did not get plowed out until about 40 hours after the storm started. It was a long day and I got nothing done that I should have.

    Hope you had a wondeful day off and enjoyed a day of "puttering". I know I enjoy that too~ Have a wonderful nightxxoo Diana

  16. What a pretty set of dishes. My friend purchased the same ones for her daughter-in-law as a Christmas gift.
    Glad to hear that your power is back on.

  17. Oh chilly brrrrr!!!! We were in the 80's yesterday but it's cooled off today. It just looks so wrong to have the fan running alongside my Christmas decorations:(

    Stay cozy!

  18. Your dishes are so pretty and a new camera too? Lucky you! I love the vignette you did to display them.
    It's cold here too... suppose to get in the teens tonight. That is very unusual for us.

  19. I hope your Monday was a great one. So glad you got your power back. It's way too cold to be without heat. Generators are becoming very popular but I don't have one here. If the power goes out I have old fashioned candles, but I don't think they would heat the house so we'll pray that doesn't happen. Have a wonderful Wednesday!