Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mon petit French poste

Je espoir vous etes s'amuser ton Samedi.

Nous encore avoir beaucoup neige ici.

Un tasse de chaud chocolat est utile a garder vous chaud.

That's it...that's all I know...except for things like Bonne nuit, and
Have a wonderful Saturday!
Au revoir.....


  1. I just love your cheese board and salt and pepper shakers, Debbie! My dream is to one day be fluent in French (sigh!). So sad about the terrorist attacks in Paris, John wanted to go to Paris right about now. I wanted to wait til spring. Good thing!

  2. Reminds me of trips to Paris and reading the menus. The pieces are wonderful. Happy New year!

  3. How fun! Love the French inspired pieces!

    Profitez de votre chocolat chaud et rester au chaud!

    P.S. I used Google translate, so it's probably full of errors. :)

  4. Everything is so beautiful! Love those s/p shakers too:) I would absolutely love to speak French. Living in Canada, it was mandatory in junior high but since we left after 8th grade, that was all I had. I can still count in French and know frois and chaud lol, but that's pretty much it! My SIL is fluent in it, it was her college major.

  5. Bravo! And so beautiful! Thank you for the nicest compliment you left for me in the comments. So nice to share with like minded souls. I enjoyed your New Year musings. It's sure to be a wonderful year for you. Do take care up there in the frozen north!

  6. Love all your beautiful french pieces. The french language is so beautiful. They could be yelling at you in French and it sounds gorgeous lol! Paris is on my bucket list. Hope to visit there one day.

  7. Hi Debbie, Love your gorgeous French treasures. You have displayed everything so beautifully. The language is beautiful and very romantic.
    Lovely post and so inspiring. Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Stay warm.

  8. Debbie,
    I love your photography and love visiting your inspirational posts in addition ... we all love you!

  9. I was a little afraid at first..I thought you had added one of those icons that you could choose a language and I hit it accidentally!

    Lovely pics! So good to see you posting more often, Lady! :)


  10. Your french items are very pretty and lovely. I love the way you displayed them, they look gorgeous.

  11. I was so confused when I first started reading this post! I thought my language translation thing was turned to French or something. LOL! I don't know much French, so I don't know what you said. Pretty pics though.

  12. You are way passed me in French! I recognized "Bonjour" and "Au revoir" and that's it! Lovely post. The dishes, menu, and salt and pepper shakers are nicely elegant.

  13. You know more than me. Beautiful photos Debbie!

  14. OH my, I thought I was going to have to translate LOL
    Lovely as usual. Just whipping up some ship cream for my Hubby's desert!
    Did I mention I still lick the beaters! :o)
    Praying for Diana for a full recovery! I have missed having her visits. I finally feel alive today...
    Love, Roxy