Saturday, February 25, 2012

Filling up my booth.

I decided to take some things to my booth today.
Orders for Spring have arrived, plus a few items found while junque-ing needed to be brought to the booth as well.
There is another large order on it's way...and there might be a problem finding room in the booth for any more items.

Oh dear...everything looks so squished in here.

And here......

and here.


not too bad.


Mr. and Mrs. Clock are a bit cozy.

At least the seashells have a window seat. They can visit with the neighbors in the next booth.

Maybe a larger booth would be a good idea.
We'll see how sales go this Spring. Last summer went well. I just sold the last of my white linen and lace pillows today. The colored, vintage tablecloth ones are left. The lavender sachets go pretty good, so I keep making those.
This is a nice hobby for me. I enjoy making things with the linens, and lace I collect. I also enjoy ordering the antique reproductions that people seem to like for their homes. Of course, going junque-ing is the most fun of all! Finding things to paint, or leave all chippy, and shabby to re-sell is always a delight.
Let's hope I sell a few things before the next big order gets here.
Have a great evening!


  1. Hi Debbie,
    I just finished fluffing up my booth this morning and it's full to the brim! I say the more stuff the better and yours looks great. I see lots of pretty stuff.
    Yep, I agree, the junkin is the best part of all.


  2. Your booth looks so lovely! I'd love to spend a few hours shopping in there:) I don't think it looks over stuffed at all...just a lot of pretty treasures!

  3. Debbie- I did not have any idea you had such a beautiful booth. I don' remember seeing pictures of the whole thing before. You have lovely things and a great eye for display. I kind of like a booth that is full of stuff! You have a good "buying eye", too! I'm betting you sell a LOT of stuff this season. xo Diana

  4. Debbie, your booth is so pretty! Just makes me want to stop and look...and buy!!!
    xoxo Faye

  5. Hi Debbie,
    Your booth is so pretty I think this is the first time I saw pictures of your booth.
    I hope you are doing well and have a great weekend!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  6. Beeeeautiful, sis!!! I could do some serious damage to my wallet if I shopped your booth! lol! Way too many pretty things! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. I love your booth! You need to list some of these things on your blog! I know many of us are drooling out here. How much for the long, white clock? Love the signs, too. Start posting and see what may not even need a booth, let alone a bigger one. Heehee!
    Love you, girl- have a fun day tomorrow!

  8. So fill me in, Deb...when you've mentioned a booth before, I thought it was part of a one-time show here or there. But this seems to be a permanent sort of thing in an antique mall? Something where your things get sold without your being present?

  9. Wow what a lot of interesting things. A lot I could use a closer picture of *smile*. Have a nice sunday.


  10. The booth looks great! Best of luck this year:@)

  11. Your booth is gorgeous! It has such a charming feel to it!

  12. It all looks yummy Debbie!
    I nominated you for the versatile blogger award.

  13. So many pretty things! I would love a little spot like that one day, although it must keep you busy.

  14. Your booth is so beautiful I love all your treasures.
    Enjoy your week!!

  15. I dont think it looks crowded at all, i think it looks comfy, cozy and peaceful!

  16. Hello Debbie!! I spy many lovely, lovely items in your booth!!! And, I agree, it is the hunt for all of the "treasures" that is so much fun :))

    Have a wonderful rest of your day ~


    :) T

  17. It all looks wonderful to me! Like a place i could discover a whole bunch of treasures!


  18. my little eye spys a mora clock.....