Friday, January 27, 2012

It's all in the details.

Are you a detailed person?
When you look at something, do you see deep into the piece?
For me....the more detail, the more character the treasure holds.
If you look closely at these clay tea-lite holders, you will see ivy vines growing up each column.
The shell has variations in color, and depth that cause your eyes to linger over it's surface.

What attracted me to this little bird bath the most, was the garland around the base.
It's filled with unlikely bedfellows....a porous starfish, vintage tag, and a tiny horse hair nest nestled underneath.

One of my favorite pieces is this ceiling tin.
I LOVE all the detail on the wreath! The ribbons, the way they flutter.
The boarders along the sides.
It's gorgeous!

Even the most shabby pieces in the house are delightful.
I enjoy all the rusty, chippy, distressed goodness of a vintage treasure.
The hardware on the shutters helped make the decision to purchase them.

What would I ever do without ribbons, linens, and lace?
I'm surrounded by doilies with beautiful lacework edges. Crinkled satin ribbons. Gorgeous cameos. Lovely embellished journals made by a dear blogging friend.
All things that please the eye with their design, and detail.

The most beautiful of all...Natures treasures.
With all of their swirls, and colors, and could never duplicate such splendor.
I must admit....of all the things here at the lakehouse...I never tire of looking, in amazement, at one of these wonders of Creation. 
It's all in the details.


  1. I love detail, too, Debby. All the little intricacies of a piece are what makes it, I think! All your pieces of this&that are enjoyable to look at. I'm with you about the seashells~they are one of the most awesome treasures ever. How can anyone NOT look at nature and all of its big and little treasures and not believe in something greater than ourselves? xo Diana

  2. I think when I find a vintage treasure, I just see the big picture, then when I remember to put on my glasses, I do admire the details ~ I think I need Bifocals! Great post Debbie, I told Laurie the other day, that I am going to try to meet up with all you ladies this spring/summer in Allegan... we'll have to let Theresa know too! I can hardly wait! ! ! ! !

  3. I love detail too Debbie! I mostly love to see detail in nature, it is just amazing at how much detail are in things!! I especially love the last photo you posted with the shells-just beautiful!!

  4. Hello Debbie, So happy to see your blog. I love shells also. I hope you are doing well . My daughter is slowly getting better. Tired a lot. But I have great faith that God is caring for her. We write to each other about everyday. Have a blessed weekend. xoxo,Susie

  5. You made me take a closer look at your pretty things! And it really is the little details that make us want to surround ourselves with thier beauty. I have always loved the way you do that in your home. Cozy, comfortable and interesting...very pleasing to the eye and feel. I'm working on that!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Debbie!


  6. I do find joy in little details. It's those little touches that make a difference to me!
    Beautiful photos.

  7. I'm the same way Debbie. I think that's why I don't care much for modern pieces. They just don't have the detail that I love.

    I love your little bird bath. The colors in the card are so beautiful! Have a lovely weekend Debbie :)

  8. Each of your nature-inspired vignettes tells a story of your love of God and creation, Debbie. ♥ Just one of the many things I love about you! :)

    xoxo laurie

  9. Hi's been awhile and I hope you are doing well....your home is so pretty with your pretty white details and lady like stuff.....your very lucky....I get to live with dead animal heads....and today I came down to discover Howdy Doody perched on the antlers of the Bison....not good.

  10. This is a beautiful reminder to us all to take time and really see what is around us!

  11. Hello ! oh I sure do love the details ! It's all the little bits and pieces that make things so interesting. I just could not do "minimalist" no way !! Lovely post ...have a nice week...Gail x

  12. Thanks for the kind comments on the guest bedroom progress, Debbie. You have some great pieces and details there and I especially like the shutters.

  13. Your vignettes are so pretty! I love all the whites and the shells!
    And oh my gosh that photo with the journal is so pretty!