Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tete to the rescue!

So far, so good!
Tete suggested to change my server to Google Chrome to help with the blogger problems, and it's working.

I thought it was just me with the problem, but after reading some comments to my last post, I see others
are having the same issues.
Since I'm very, not smart, when it comes to my computer, Tete always comes to my rescue.
She's a guru, when it comes to computer problems....and she doesn't even roll her eyes when I come up with yet another stupid least not in front of me.
 So, thank you Tete! You are like one of those guys on the "Big Bang Theory"!!!
Donna is the glitter queen, you are a computer whiz, and Diana is just plain crazy!
Have a nice day y'all.


  1. Helllllllo, WHAT? Did you think I wouldn't BE here today because I would be outside in my Packer's Cheerleading outfit leading a pep rally? CRAZY indeed! lol

    I love that Tete- She has helped me with SOOOO many problems SOOOO many times. If we could bottle her computer knowledge up we could sell it on Etsy, Debbie. And, you know her head is gonna swell up and she will start CHARGING us a fee. I mean you KNOW THAT, right?

    It is colder than the proverbial witch's behind in the well here today. It supposed to warm all the way up to 27ยบ although as of yet we haven't gotten out of the teens. And..fool that I am... I am sitting with an ice pack on my ankle. Hey- I never SAID I was smart, did I?

    Hope you have a wonderful day at the Lakehouse. I wish I was your neighbor although then we would probably NEVER get anything done...and, of course, we would have to find a place for Tete and all her critters! We could then take turns pushing her down the hill in her wheelchair (I'm not holding on, are you?;>)

    Well, back to Sunday madness here-Love you, chickie! xo Diana

  2. You are so welcome, Debbie! I am not a Guru, yet. I still have a lot to learn, too, but if I can ever help you, you know I will.
    Now- Diana's comment leaves me a little concerned...pushing me down the hill?
    Well, at least its not in the lake and it might be an E ride all the way. Just as long as someone hauls me back to the top again....
    Have a great day!

  3. Love the photo of your kitchen window!!! I would want to to dishes there!!

  4. Hello Debbie,
    Love to visit your blog your pictures are beautiful!!!

    Hope your week is wonderful!!!

    Suzann ~xoxo~

  5. Deb, so glad you are back up and running smoothly now on Blogger. I've used Chrome for a while now-so much faster too!

  6. Tete saved me a few months ago when blogger was misbehaving then too. I switched to Chrome and it is all I use now...what a difference. I think I probably thank her to myself every day...maybe I ought to go over to her blog and thank her again. Isn't it fun when it works so well!!!
    Have a super perfect week!