Friday, January 6, 2012

Enjoy your journey

Sometimes it takes a BIG thing to make us see the little things.
We keep looking for that "pot of gold", forging ahead, eyes forward...wanting to reach that end goal.

Along the road, there are so many things to see, and experience.
Are we missing the blessings on our journey?
Are we so intent on reaching the destination, that we walk right past the best part of the trip?
 Do we lose ourselves on our quest for more?
Change is good, but if we keep "changing" as we move forward in our lust for what "might" be up the road...will we lose our way to what used to be "home"?

Don't get caught up in running a race that brings you back to the same place you started from.
You will be running in circles your whole life...trying to achieve something that won't bring the expected happiness.
Look around you.
I mean, sit down right now, and really look around you.
See the pictures of you and someone you cherish? Remember when that picture was taken?
Do you see something that was given to you by a family member? That person was thinking about you as they bought that treasure for you.
Is there a favorite book? A candle with your favorite scent?
What about the person sitting in the chair next to you? Walk over and give them a hug...just because.
Pour a cup of coffee for your hubby and bring it to him.
Get off the computer and bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies for, or with the kids.
It's okay to have plans for the future.
It's okay to want things.
It's okay to have goals.
As you travel along the road, remember to stop along the way and enjoy the scenery.
Don't wait for an illness, or any other life-changing situation to make you realize what you've been missing as you journey along life's highway.
There is a reason God puts bumps, and ruts in the road.....


  1. So true my friend! I love those pillows!

  2. So very well said, Debbie! Some times, we get so caught up in where we think we are "going", that we forget to truly notice and appreciate what is right in front of our face! Great pillow, by the way, and your little granddaughters are real cuties! I still don't like those bumps in the road, though!!!

  3. Nicely put! It really puts a different spin on things, doesn't it?

  4. There sure is a reason, sweetie! Great post and such wonderful words of wisdom for all of us! I so love coming here. ;)

  5. Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for the beautiful thoughts and words of inspiration. God has put quite a few bumps in the road for me, but I know he knows what's best. I just go over them and keep on truckin.

    hugs to you my sweet friend.


  6. Oh- You got this SOOO right, Debbie! I am trying to stay true to myself. I used to want/yearn for things to be different. I used to want something because someone else had it and I thought I should have it too-be more like them.

    I think being in Blogland sometimes makes it even harder to be true to oneself because we want to not only please ourselves but want to please our readers, too.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you- What a wonderful, timely post for the first of the year. xo Diana

  7. This is a beautiful and powerful post, Debbie. I am taking every word to heart. Sometimes we need to put aside our "wants" and simply listen to our needs. And it really is the small things that bring us day to day joy, if we pay attention! Thanks for the reminder!


  8. A very nice post Debbie! Have a great weekend:@)

  9. Hi Debbie...Nice post, poignant thoughts. You are so right! Thanks so much for your visit and comment to my blog, too.Loved that you stopped by. Susan

  10. Hi Debbie,
    Love your post today...and so very true.

  11. Debbie, I love your post today. That is one of the things I promised myself at the beginning of this year that I would slow down and enjoy life more!! It's working so far!! HUGS!!

  12. Hello Debbie...I soooo agree with what you are saying ! It's so easy to get lost along the way and nice reminders to stop and smell the roses are always a good thing! Thankyou..have a relaxing week ! Gail x

  13. I learned that the hard way this year Debbie...thanks for the reminder though!! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  14. You ask a lot of great questions...let's take time for reflection :)

  15. this was a beautiful post. powerful and simply stated!