Monday, April 16, 2018


I took this picture just a little while ago, when it was still nice outside. I was looking out the window while sitting at my computer, and the wind wasn't blowing 30mph at the time. The snow was falling almost straight down....not sideways like it is now.....and ice pellets weren't hitting the window.....

Aaahhhhhh,, these enchanting spring blizzards here in the Midwest.
It doesn't get any better than this!

My poor bunnies are stuck inside their little house, and have been since Winter started....many months ago.
I was out with them today, Spring cleaning their sweet little house. For what, I know not.
As I was gathering up the straw from the floor, I realized it was futile. So I exchanged the soiled for fresh, and made things ready for what seems to be an unending season of cold, ice and snow.

I came inside, took off the smelly clothes from rabbit-house cleaning, and showered.
Then I sat down and wanted to cry.
It's mid-April!!!
Last year at this time I was working in my flower gardens. The window boxes were painted, and ready for filling. All of the shutters, and doors had fresh coats of paint on them, and the porches were sporting a new color.
Has the earth shifted on it's axis?
Is Houghton Lake now the new location of the devil's triangle?????
What the heck???!!!

We need new sand on the beach, so I can sprinkle shells on it for the grandkids to find!
My kayaking muscles are so depleted from this long Winter, I no longer have arms like Popeye, but more like Olive Oil!!!
My middle is looking more like Wimpie's everyday!!

I don't even bother trying to exercise inside.
I have sooooo much stuff in here, it would be like doing aerobics in a Home Goods Store!!!
No...I do not have any exercise equipment.....they don't make it in a "shabby chic" nope, none here!!
I know I'm not the only one waiting for Spring, right? There has to be others. Unless....I fell down the rabbit hole, and I'm on the other side of the mirror.....Alice????!!!! helloooooo.......


  1. I am so sorry that you are still having winter. It is still cold here and rainy, but no snow (knock on wood). Rain is good, we live in a desert area, so we love every drop of spring rain, we will not get it in the summer. Your bunnies have such a pretty little home :)

  2. I really can commiserate with you. I live on the Canadian prairies and just when we were starting to feel a little hopeful that spring was finally arriving (the built up ice in my yard and in the parking lot was starting to melt) today we were blessed(?!) with another fresh dump of snow. I think those of us who are dealing with an on-going winter, across North America, will especially treasure and savour whatever we get for summer this year. Your poor little bunnies. We have a collection of hares that run in this area. Their coats have started to change colour for spring but they must be so confused.

    1. Hello Deb...thank you for stopping by, and for leaving your nice comment on the post today. I think you are right! We will definitely treasure, and hold on to whatever we get for summer....whenever it arrives, this year!! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Good Morning Debbie
    So sorry you are still having Winter weather* We are also here in CT. Its freezing and just snowed again the other day. Although it does melt quickly but its still cold. Love the sea glass*** Enjoy your day Debbie, pretty soon now you will be sprinkling your shells

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Deezie. You seem to know how to lighten my heart. Have a nice week, honey! xo

  4. Spring finally arrived here or so I thought on my last couple of posts until I woke this morning to a rain storm and winds that are out of control cancelling the ferries to the mainland. Reading your post does make me feel a little better, my only consolation is there is no snow. I do wonder about the freak weather we are having around the world. Hope it picks up for you soon and you get a beautiful Summer.

  5. It is much the same here and I can relate to having a middle that looks like Wimpie's. I am trying to keep the faith. This too shall pass and no winter lasts forever...

  6. I am crying right along with you. Enough is enough! We are headed to Saugatak, South Haven area next week for a get away and I was hoping by this time of year it would be Spring. Ugh! I hope the temps lift some for next week's get away. Happy New Week. Hope the snow is melting. We are going to get more tomorrow of that nasty white stuff. When will this end.

  7. Spring has come in Italy.I love Your bunnies home, so sweet!!

  8. I hear you, Deb. We have 30+" of snow here and more coming tomorrow. I am so so so sick of winter and can't wait to head south. Florida calls my name a little bit harder every year.
    Love your sweet little rabbit house. Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

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