Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Focus and be thankful!!!

Enough is enough!
I'm not talking about the weather this time, I'm talking about my complaining about the weather!!
I read Diana's blog post (Nana Diana Takes a Break), and I felt a blow to the heart.
People are dealing with REAL issues, like health problems, and here I sit, whining about snow.
Time to appreciate what I have, and live in the moment!!
Been there before...shame on me.
Last night I took a paint class. I haven't painted in years.
It was fun to just get out of the house, and do something that I used to enjoy, and spend time with a friend.
The painting wasn't my best....the important thing was the fun I had while doing it.

There are so many things that I surround myself with that make me happy,
no matter what the weather is!!!
Why do I get so wrapped up in what it's doing outside, when there are so many other things I could be doing?

Sewing, baking, cooking, reading, taking care of the bunnies, dried floral arrangements, etc.

When I am not at work, boredom and laziness set in this time of year.
Instead of pushing myself to get off my bum, I just sit....waiting for Spring.

After reading Diana's post, and doing as she requested, I watched two fat Junco's outside the window fighting over the feeder. They were so comical with their tenacious nature. Not worrying about the cold and snow...they just went about their business as usual.
Pecking for seed on the ground, under the snow.

Prayer time before rising helps start my day...but lately, when I open my eyes and see the storms blowing first thing in the morning, my heart has been so negative. 
I need to start being thankful before opening my eyes!!!
There is SO MUCH MORE to life than a season!!!

For instance, my grandchildren. They are such a joy to me.
They make me laugh in the bleakest of times.
There could be the worst of storms right outside the door...but when I am with doesn't matter.
I will be with them this weekend.
This little girl, Sadie, will be making her First Communion. Her family attends the Catholic Church in their home town.
I will be baking special cookies for the event.
There are so many things for me to focus on, and be thankful for.
It shouldn't take a blow to the heart to remind me!!! but I'll take whatever works! Thank you, Diana!!


  1. Oh Debbie* this is just the best post* I totally agree with you and Diana* Lets all just enjoy life, no matter what the weather is. Have the best day Debbie

  2. I am so over winter to Debbie it really has gone on long enough. In the big scheme of things it is good to focus on what really is important. That is hard sometimes since we are all human. It does seem like so many peeps out there are in need of prayers and healing. Hoping as Spring arrives to show new life and new hope these people suffering will feel that too through the power of prayer. Hugs my friend. We summer and beach girls are having a hard time with this non ending winter. I feel your pain!!!

  3. Diana is a wonder and keeps us on track.....
    I am in Texas where spring has sprung weeks ago....I wish you the best of all that life offers you!!!

  4. You are both so right. How wonderful that your Grandaughter will be taking her first Communion, such a special time.

  5. This extended winter weather has been so hard on us all. I hear the birds chirping but the skies are grey and heavy. We do have to be thankful for all the wonderful things we have. This weekend my children came home and hung out, we had friends over for an impromptu tree cutting party (during a slight snow storm) and laughter filled our home and hearts. I am sure being with your Granddaughter this weekend will bring the sunshine through no matter what the weather is doing outside.

    1. Hello Debbie....I visited your site, but there are no recent posts. I hope you are able to read my replies. Thank you for your comment on this post. Spring has finally arrived here at the lake. We had a blast at Sadie's party. Sounds like you had a fun weekend with your children being home!

  6. I always fell in love with your vignettes and romantic items.Happy Communion!!!

  7. It's ok to complain a little, we all do it but it's important to focus on what truly matters and not get bogged down by what truly isn't all that important at all. I love your painting. Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers in Spring !

  8. Debbie, what a wonderful post! I love your lilac painting!! Here in the South Lilacs don't do as well as up North. I do have a small lilac bush here but it only had one blossom on it this year and it was even that big, but I loved it all the same!! Enjoy life and be happy!!

  9. Hi Debbie...
    I found you through Butterflies and Bungalows. We follow each other on IG and I always enjoy your lovely posts. I hope spring has arrived there finally. Ours is coming slowly here in the AZ mountains. Your vignettes are so pretty and your painting sounds fun. I like your picture and how you blended the colors... Have a wonderful Saturday!

    Tamara XO

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