Tuesday, May 1, 2018

It's Spring at the Lake.

Now that Spring has finally arrived here at the Lakehouse, the sun comes streaming in through the windows so bright..... Everything looks fresh, and new!!
I changed the table in the dining room.
The big round one is now in the living room, and a farm table is gracing the pretty rug on the wood floor in the dining area.

The design on the rug shows more, and the trim and base of the round table also shows so much more now that the dining chairs aren't blocking their view!

The color and wood carvings are beautiful!

The table also fills up the large space in the living room.

I am ready for the warm weather, and working outside.

I noticed the Spring bulbs are popping up out of the ground. 
With a couple of good rains, we should have some flowers!!

The tree frogs were chirping this evening.
The sound always warms my heart.

I plugged in the dragon flies.
They entertain us as their wings open and close, as if drying their wings in the warm sun.
As I type, I can look out my window and see the waves being pushed by the wind. It's a sight for sore eyes after such a long Winter. A Robin hops along the ground searching for worms, and a Mourning Dove is cooing for a mate.  Two fishermen are out for Crappie. How I've longed to see green grass.
It's Spring at the Lake. I am glad.


  1. Bless your heart! You’ve been waiting a good long time for this moment! I don’t think you could have enjoyed it any more than you did! And there’s more to come! Happy May Day to you!

  2. How wonderful!! Enjoy it all. Thank you for sharing with us xx

    1. Hello Jacqui, Thank you for visiting here at Lakehouse! I appreciate that you left your nice comment. It lets me know you've been here, and will hopefully be back. Have a wonderful Spring!

  3. Your home was such a sanctuary for me this past weekend!! But more than that it's the time, laughter and memories we made. All in the beautiful comfort of your most welcome home. Thanks love

  4. I love your home and your decor. It looks so peaceful and relaxing.

  5. Hi Debbie, I feel you and hear your longing for true spring and the awakening of summer.
    We’ve here have really not felt it yet as well, and when morning comes our lower mountains will once again have a snow fall. I really am more a winter person, but this season I need warm to be able to address some outdoors projects.

    I happened to have saved for the past 10 years a most favorite nordic magazine foto page where in a gathering room or a front room the took a round dinning set it in the middle of the room and up to one side a oversized comfy looking settee and two chairs on the other side leaving enough room around the table and stacks of books and baskets under the legs of the table and fresh followers atop right in the center. I’ve wanted to recreate the look but this petite cottage makes no allowances for such a layout. Your table in the front room made me smile. I think.... my petite maison, did the same with a label as part of her living space.
    Enjoy, the beauty you have created and the waves on the lake. Silently and calmly resting in spring and all it offers.


  6. Isn't it wonderful how the sunshine brings out the details in everything. Your lake cottage is just beautiful. I too am enjoying the robins and the green green grass. Everything is coming to life here too. Happy Spring !

  7. Debbie I am swooning over your table. It is gorgeous and I love the color. I am so with you girl that we are finally seeing our Spring/Summer temps. Finally. I cannot wait to get out in the dirt and start my flowers. Hugs my friend.

  8. Debbie, That round table is gorgeous. I love how beautifully you have decorated your home. Oh yes, finally some crazy spring weather...the temps are actually more of a summer range. I do not like being too hot. , too soon. I really love 60 -70 degree days. I have nothing new planted as of yet. I will make a trip to Horton's soon. Blessings to you dear friend. Love you , xoxo, Susie

  9. Your home is always so cozy. I really like everything, every single shabby chic detail. Enjoy Your spring

  10. Your home is so beautiful! Nice weather has finally arrived here In Northwest Indiana except for the storms they keep predicting. I have been out working in my little courtyard. I didn't realize you lived in Michigan. Would that be along Lake Huron? We use to live in Pt. Huron for over 30 years. Growing up I lived on a farm about 8 miles from Au Gres. My aunt and uncle had a cottage near there on Lake Huron. I use to go there with my girlfriend to stay for a few days. Thank you for visiting my blog! Nancy

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