Sunday, May 20, 2018

Enjoying the lilacs.

The lilacs are just starting to open here at the cottage.
Bringing them inside means the flowers will fill the air with their intoxicating fragrance.

I love to fill vases, and jugs full of them!

It will be a while before the lavender blooms.
One lovely flower at a time here at the cottage.

Our growing season is short, so we savor each flower as it blooms, and dry as many as we can to enjoy them throughout the seasons.

A sweet little bird gifted to me by my dear friend, Giselle.
She certainly knows me well.

A recently found 1920's sofa for the sun porch.
Great for spending lazy summer days watching the boats go by....or reading on a rainy afternoon.

Speaking of reading....

The sunshine pouring in through the windows has been heavenly!
I do love a bright home, with big windows...especially facing the water as it reflects the sun this time of the year!

Have a happy weekend!
Enjoy the sunshine, and whatever is blooming at your house at the moment!


  1. Dear Debbie! I love every visit I have with you! Your home is a dream and it is such a pleasure to look at each and every photo of it!

  2. The lilacs are fabulous. I always love seeing Your fairy cottage, Your shabby chic rooms and decors. The sofa is perfect for Your relaxing moments

  3. Hi Debbie! Your view sounds wonderful. And I love the way you have dressed your comfy settee! Our lilacs seemed to last only a minute, and we don't have many. They are so lovely in your rooms. I loved your sweet comment on the shop. Thanks so much! Enjoy the sunshine!

  4. Oh I love lilacs. Our bush at the lake house is getting scraggly tho. I have to find out what to do for it.

  5. Oh how I miss you tremendously!! I could spend the rest of my life with you in your beautiful cottage talking, laughing, crying and making plans for the future. Life with you is so laid back and easy. Your friendship is the world to me. Lilacs were my Meme's favorite flower and perfume. Again, bringing back awesome memories for me. I love you always and forever.

  6. Your cottage in all its beauty is such a peaceful place and now with those blooms, oh my, the fragrance must be heavenly!
    My husband and I were given an angel white lilac bush a few years ago and it has yet to ever bloom. When it does it should be quite beautiful.
    Your 1920's sofa is darling and perfect for your sun porch.

    Lovely visit ♡

  7. Love love love it all Debbie. Your home is so pretty. Just love when you do a post.

  8. Your new sofa is just beautiful* I adore lilacs and have several now, but they are so small I won't get flowers this year. I love yours* I enjoy when you post so much Debbie* I love seeing your sweet lake cottage. Enjoy this glorious day

  9. Oh yes it is lilac time ! I was a party at my daughters house this weekend and the first thing that greeted me was the wonderful smell in the air. I should have taken a picture. She has a huge bush that has old fashioned double blossoms. Just beautiful for sure ! I too have a house with large windows that let the light in, but no lake to see, except for all the puddles in the yard from the rain we've had here. I did spy a couple ducks happily splashing in one of the the other day!
    I'm thinking your house must smell wonderful with bring those lilacs in doors ! Enjoy !

  10. Bellissimi i lilla!E la tua casa è stupenda in ogni angolo!Ciao, Rosetta

  11. Your blog is beautiful! I love lilacs, too, and so enjoyed my visit here today.

  12. This is so beautiful Debbie. And how lovely that you're enjoying the lilacs. I remember the fragrant blossoms from my years of living in Ohio. We, too, have a short growing season here in the mntns of AZ. Have a wonderful rest of the of the week!

    Tamara xo

  13. Oh so happy I looked to see who has a new post up. Such a cozy beautiful cottage filled with wonderment. It’s truly a lakeside cottage to love and always inspires a bit of floral in one way or another. Love how you describe sitting on the sofa porchside to watch the boats go by, how relaxing and I wish I had a porch that had such a view. Enjoy the beautiful scent of your lilacs and the beauty they add to your romantic cottage.
    Happy Memorial Day dear friend.

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