Friday, June 8, 2018

A peaceful evening......NOT!!!!

I am seated at the beautiful blue table that is filled with my favorite books.
It's a warm evening here at the cottage...almost summer like.
The sun is setting, and the last of it's bright rays are filling the room with a gentle glow.
Everything looks peaceful, from where I am sitting.

These are the books I find myself reading this time of the year.

Lots of this happening around here!

I do love the early sunrise, with the birds chirping, mourning doves calling, and the sound of boats quietly going by on their way out to fish.
Evenings are the same. Doves cooing, boats meandering by slowly, and people out, enjoying the warm weather and sunsets.

Now that school is dismissed for the summer, the grandkids will be up for vacation.
Time to sprinkle some shells on the beach for them to find.
They love bringing home a collection of different shells every summer from the beach here at the cottage. Even though it's not the ocean....they love it all the same.

Then there's Cita. She's growing fast, and what a character!!! She loves playing, and running through the house like a maniac!!
It's not easy sitting in my chair, trying to type while she is on the loose.
It would be much more productive if I did this while sitting alone in my car!!

So what seems to be a peaceful evening, really is one that is full of one active kitten!!
She will grow soon enough. Until then, we will enjoy the rough and tumble antics of Cita....the kitty that can be crazy, AND sweet.


  1. I am enjoying gardening books too, they inspire me. Cute little Kitty.

  2. That kind of excitement is a blessing for sure ! Kittens are full of energy an love to explore. There is not going to be a dull moment with that one around. So cute !

  3. Cita is so cute. Just being a toddler and enjoying her energy. I bet you are loving the summer at the cottage. The kiddos are going to love finding all the great shells you spread out on the beach for them. Too fun. Happy Weekend. We are having the prettiest weather of late.

  4. Adorable kitten, cute name. How old is she? So much fun when they're little.
    Our cat is old (about 18 we think)but he still runs thru house quite frequently
    like a mad kitten.. He was about 7-9 months when he showed up in our yard one Saturday afternoon at our house in Ky. He was kitty from farm yard next door to our property. Didn't seem to want to leave and since I love orange stripe cats he stayed and is best cat we've ever had. We can let him out in back yard with chickens, he never bothers them.

    Your grand kids must love visiting your house for your selves and the lake. Imagine is hard to see them go back home when time comes. They grow so fast and change so quickly. When we moved here our 2 grand daughters were small and now are grown up young ladies going to college. We've live in western CO since August/2004. Hope your grand kids enjoy finding shells.
    Happy Sunday

  5. Your summer in the cottage is very relaxing. Love Your gardening books and Cita is absolutely tender

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