Monday, April 9, 2012

The "ugh" space.

Do you have a space in your home that makes you go "UGH" every time you walk in it?
Well, this is my "ugh" space.

I recently added the manny to the mess.
I have plans for this little space....but am still waiting for Mr. Lakehouse to build that mantle!!!!!

Until that happens, I just keep walking into this area, morning after morning....getting ready for work.
Doing the hair, and makeup thing.....ugh.

I can't believe I'm showing you this mess.
I'll just remind you later of the "before" pictures I shared in this post.....when I reveal the "after" pictures of the space all pretty and re-done.
Do you have an "ugh" space in your home? Oh please tell me you do, even if it's in the garage.  If not, skip the comment section of this post....I already know how bad this looks.


  1. I have a couple of UGH spaces in my house. One is where the old part of our house meets the addition. It is kind of a library/wasted space area that is hard to decorate and weird all the way around.

    Still waiting for your mantle, huh? ummmm...just wondering about the leg shaving now that you are headed towards warm xo Diana

  2. I have a corner of my bedroom that is filled with blankets and pillows that we only use once in awhile. I need another linen closet! It's also filled with baskets of clean laundry that I need to fold today after trying to hide it for a few busy days! The before picture would give you nightmares!

    Hope you had a lovely Easter, Debbie. Did you see the grandkids?


  3. I'd say the left side of my bedroom drives me nuts, just don't want to do anything with it because I don't have any ideas that I like right now! So that's my excuse for

  4. Hee, hee. Well, just about anywhere in the house turns ugly the minute a put down a few papers, lists, calendar, budget book, and coupons...I always like to keep them in view so that I don't forget each day's list of things to do, buy, or accomplish.
    When company comes I have to stack up all the papers, hide them, and then try to remember where I hid them.

  5. That's not an UGH place. I have UGH places.
    What I would do is move the manny over to the left of the table, but the lamp on that side, too. Sit the purse that's on the back of the chair in the floor to the left of the table in front of the screen and put all the clutter things in there.
    Drape one of your darker scarves over the top of the mirror or across the top of the table.
    OR! You can used that screen and put the table in the corner and hide it all with the screen!

    Have a great day!

  6. Debby, You know my home is pristine...NOT !!! I think everyone has those odd spots. When we first moved here the basement was neat...I can see it starting to look a bit cluttered. Yikes, time to move again.LOL.Smiles, xo, Susie

  7. Hi Debby, You read my UGH space would have to be the small area between our kitchen/dining room and our family room...this area was originally put in to be a breakfast nook however we use it for our computer room. My hubby does a lot of work in the evenings for his company so needless to say it's always cluttered with his work stuff. His desk is on one wall, two matching bookcases are on the other. I did add two cute oak shelves for above each bookcase which hold my collection od Delft items, and I removed his collection of moose items...major UGH and replaced them with a flower arrangement I made and a few framed family photos. Love holidays 'cause it's clean and tidy. Hugs to you!

  8. That is NOT an UGH space...really. I have super UGH spaces!! lol Did you shave your legs yet?

  9. Pffffft!!! This is nuthin'!!! Can you say "LAURIE'S CLOSET"....????


    xoxo laurie

  10. OMG!!! I have sooooo many UGH places in my home that it's pathetic. How did this happen!!! I used to think I could keep a house neat but not the case the last couple of years. But thanks to all of these creative bloggers I'm slowly making headway, just a small area at a time and maybe by the time we are ready to sell...I'll finally have it the way I want it...ha ha! That's exactly what will happen and then I can start all over again!
    xoxo Faye

  11. Well,it does not look like a UGH place to me! Yes we all have them.

  12. Deb...don't ugh spaces makes your space look beautiful!
    Looking forward to seeing what you do!

  13. Oh my, if that's an ugh space, then you are never coming to my house! Ha! This old farmhouse with two closets in the whole house seemed huge when we moved in with our first baby. Twenty-one years, and three kids later we are busting at the seams. Some days it seems like the whole house is an ugh space! As I go room to room, remodeling, I am adding tons of storage space...and decluttering as I go. Sigh...maybe some day my home will look as good as your ugh space :(

    Sorry if that sounded like a rant. You know I love you and your beautiful home...I think I need ugh space therapy...know anyone?

  14. I think it looks great, Debbie! I love your white wicker dresser. And I want a mannequin, too. I sure have some "ugh" places, that I hope to turn to "ahhs"! Just don't show us the "before" of those furry legs of yours, ok?:)

  15. Yes! I have several UGH places! like the hall bathroom half painted in pink... and my bathroom vanity looks alot like this... i have a drawer full of old makeup that i can't quite throw away, so i totally know what you mean!


  16. Oh I have so many of those UGH places! Just not enough time to get to the all yet! I think that little space looks great- love the dress form all dressed the the nines!