Sunday, May 8, 2016

Flowers for the porch.

The weather warmed enough for us to work outside the past few days.
Today I put the flowers on the porch.
It was a most enjoyable Mother's Day.

It will take a while for the window boxes to fill in, but for now, having some color helps so much!
I'm going with mostly pinks, lavenders, and white this year, but did add some yellow for spurts of happy color.

We needed a new mailbox.
I had The Mister cut the old one in half so I could fill it with flowers, and use it as a container on the porch.

Hopefully the flowers will perk up in a day or two.
I just filled the box today.
I used a bread pan with little stones in the bottom for drainage...then slid it inside the mailbox.
I have to watch the weather to make sure the nights don't dip below the freezing mark. If they do, I will cover the annuals, or move them into the garage. It's still "iffy" here as far as cold nights go.
Lots of weeds got pulled today! and there are plenty more that need to be pulled!! 
It gives me something to do as I wait for the roses to bloom.
I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I did a lot of weeding and pruning this last week at the lakehouse. I'm tired..... LOL!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Debbie! Happy Mother's Day. :)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, Debbie! Happy Mother's Day. :)

  4. What a wonderfully creative idea for your old mailbox Debbie! Your garden is always so amazing, you and June have two of the greenest thumbs I've ever seen:) Must be lovely to have all those pretty flowers to enjoy! I have a Hibiscus on the front porch, it's desperately clinging to life but I've pretty much given up on trying to grow anything here!

    I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day too. I also got my flower boxes filled on my porch. I like the idea of using your old mail box! Makes an attractive container. I got a hanging basket for Mothers Day and plant for the table on the porch too. Hoping our cool nights will soon be over.

  6. Absolutely stunning! Gorgeous colours, flowers and pictures. I 'm so glad you had a special mother' s day

  7. So pretty with the flowers on your porch Debbie. We had a frost last night after a chilly Mother's Day :-(
    By the end of May it will be safe for annuals here and I look forward to some colour.

  8. Oh the colour!!....gorgeous photos Debbie, your window boxes are the perfect homage to Spring, and what a fantastic creative idea to cut the front off your old letterbox and use it as a planter....and as you say it can be taken out of the frost if need be. Thank you for your lovely Mother's Day wishes, l didn't go anywhere as the weather was very iffy here too:-)l hope you had an awesome day as well, and got spoilt BIG time..hugs Bron.

  9. Hi Debbie
    What a perfect Mothers day, spending it gardening. Love that. I did the same exact thing. Your flowers are just gorgeous and that mail box, oh my is that the cutest idea ever. I bet the flowers are already all perked up and looking pretty. Enjoy your day Debbie

  10. Very pretty Debbie! Love the mailbox planter. I'm also glad that you had a nice Mother's Day.

    hugs and sunshine,

  11. Debbie, I love your wonderful assortment of flowers...that was so clever to use the old mailbox too. :):) You know we will all want one. I pray there are no more really cold nights...I am so ready for good weather. Tired of our rains here. Blessings to you my friend, Love you, xoxo, Susie

  12. Bellissimi fiori e molto geniale l'idea della cassetta della posta. Complimenti!!!

  13. I'm sure you are feeling the JOY of living flowers on your porch! They are so very pretty! Blessings, Cindy xo

  14. I am late Debbie, busy days are getting the best of me, love that your spring has arrived and that you are now able to share the beauty of your gardens filled florals. The mail box is a cute idea. I love finding any sort of container I can pant in...I had an old beat up galvanized mail box that I used years ago as a garden birdhouse with a hole drilled in the face of it. I vented it for circulating air and finally birds nested in it. I fill the mail box with twigs and room for them to nest, cleaning it out year after year.

    The porch looks inviting, would love to sit and enjoy your water views.
    "Flowers for the Porch" and more to follow I am sure you will add to your garden beauty.


  15. Hi Debbie...It's a lovely time of year when we can get the hanging baskets out and everything is coming back to life in the garden... the days are so long and light....bliss ! hope you have a nice week...Gail x