Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Strip garlands as valances.

I know, I know....this gal really loves strip garlands!
It must be a shabby "thing" with me.
I have them all over this cottage!  Mostly in windows.
(I got the idea from my youngest daughter.)
I'm sure the neighbors must wonder if we have either a moth infestation, or I leave the curtains on the windows until they rot from sun damage.

I love this time of year when the morning sun comes in the windows...especially when it reflects off the water, and dances off the ceilings like diamonds.

These valance/garlands allow lots of light to come into the windows, and also allows us to see the view of the water, and boats as they pass by on the canal.

There is one more window to go, and then I can work on the window boxes on the outside! 
Having the windows "curtain-free" at the bottom allows us to see the flowers in the boxes on the inside as well as the outside.
It's starting to finally feel more like Spring here at our shabby cottage!!
Have a great week!


  1. Debbie, your strip garlands are just adorable! I've not had them before and they look wonderful in your home!
    I found your blog over at NanaDiana's!

    Happy day!

  2. Hi Debbie
    Your sweet garlands on your windows are just beautiful* love the view yo have of the water, so so pretty. Do you make them yourself? love the colors you have chosen for them also. Can't wait to see your window boxes. Enjoy this glorious day

  3. These are beautiful, Debbie...to heck with the neighbors. I'm thinking of doing these in our little guest house at the lake. And speaking of lake, I don't think I've ever seen the pretty view of the water from your windows!

    I'll be asking you how to make these soon (I hope).


  4. This has given me an idea for my glass door that leads to my backyard. I love being able to see out but also have a little privacy! Love the views you get to enjoy, beautiful! Blessings, Cindy xo

  5. As always your home looks so pretty and inviting. I love the garland window treatments.


  6. Your valences seem to add just the perfect touch in your cottage. I have plans to get some plants soon to fill the flowers boxes on the front porch too. I figure even if it frosts they won't be touched. Hopefully soon there won't be any more frosts and I can fill the containers on the patio too.

  7. LOL at the rotting curtains comment Debbie!!! They do NOT look like rotting curtains at all but that did make me laugh:) Making one of these is on my to-do list but I don't have a whole lot of fabric. I do have an RA sheet that got torn so I could make one with that and maybe dye some of the pieces:)

    I knew you were close to the water but wow, I didn't realize it was literally outside your door!!! How lucky you are to have that!

  8. I think the strip garlands are perfect, especially with the outside view and rays coming in. Do another post, please, once the window boxes are filled!

  9. I really like that - I'm going to share this with my daughter. It looks like something she would do.

  10. Debbie, I love those swags. You clever lady..I would want to see that water all the time too. I do not curtain my back windows, only the door. I love to be able to see outside all the time. I have mini blinds on the sides and front for evening. I love that I can see ribbons and lace in your swags. Can't wait to see all your wonderful flowers soon. Blessings for you.Love you my friend, xoxo, Susie

  11. Hi Debbie, l've just read your post and was laughing like a nutter all alone here:-) at your description of your curtains...they so DONT look moth eaten at all, they're fabulous and perfect and l LOVE them.
    Wonderful idea to have planter boxes outside the windows too, they will look so beautiful all in bloom. It sounds as though your daughter has inherited your creative genes, how fabulous to be able think stuff up together...What else l really loved is the birdcage display, it's so pretty....Glad Spring is settling in and warming your world.

  12. Hi Debbie, I just love your valences. So pretty adding a cozy feel yet framing the pretty view.
    Have a great rest of the week. Blessings. xo

  13. Very lovely and sweet your strip garlands! This is a such romantic touch in your cozy cottage

  14. Hi Debbie, its always fun to get creative inside and out. Yes I so agree with you with having a view. My last home was great with open windows and even no window treatment that aliened with the bathtub, yet here in this home sadly it's a must. I must have windows that close up for privacy and camercial business views. So long for the peacefulness you have created with such open views where you can dance about with the beauty underfoot and the views outside.

    See you and your creative beauty soon enough.
    I am looking to do some white shears on my Windows... A little newness, yet still daylight privacy

    See you soon dear.


  15. I love your valances. I have been thinking of making something similar to hang on the window in my studio.

  16. I like the valances! Your photos are lovely.