Sunday, April 24, 2016

The living room floor is finished!!

Finally.....The walls are whitewashed to look like faded barn wood.
The wide plank pine wood was put down, but a change was made with the paint for the floor.
ORIGINALLY I was going to paint the floor white. Hubby has this "thing" for wood floors, so I said I would white wash the pine so the grain of the wood could show through. After hubby put down the pine, I purchased milk paint which is supposed to be mixed equal parts water with equal parts powder.
The paint was thick, so for white washing, I added more water......the properties in the powder didn't stay mixed with the extra water, and the process turned into a big mess!
I did NOT like the way the floor looked, and washing it off, with more sanding turned into more of a mess!
Happily, I went back to my original idea to paint the pine white........

You cannot see the "planks", because the paint is "fresh"....eventually the boards will be more defined with daily foot traffic.
I will add one or two throw rugs when I find "just the right ones".
For now, the bare floors are looking good to me.

The walls and floor give the room more of a "cottage" feel, and I'm loving that!

I keep moving things around, and adding pieces, then removing things.
I'm sure it will take a few days before it feels "just right". will all come together, and won't look too slap-stick.

Here's a look from the dining room.
(The dark corner is the pellet stove. Someday, that will be lighter, and thing at a time.)
Now we wait for nights to stay above the freezing mark so we can plant, and have flowers!!!
It's time to be Outside!!!!


  1. Oh Debbie - it is gorgeous. I just love it. I could never do white in my house tho - we're too messy. LOL!

    I'm sending some warm weather your way - get ready to catch it!

  2. Wow Debbie, It's beautiful. I like how bright it is...I think come winter on cloudy days it will seem lighter there. I like the slight hazy blue/grey look of the room as you look thru to the creamy white room. Funny how things work in our plans. Hope you get some warmer sunny day. We are to have rain about the middle of the week. I am not wanting it. Today is simply wonderful...a bit nippier than predicted. Blessings to you my dear friend, Love you, xoxo, Susie

  3. We like the floor in the dining room more because there is more a contrast and texture.

  4. l just LOVE your painted floors they look amazing...l love too how you've explained the process...handy if anyone else wants to paint their floors:-) Your rooms are beautifully styled Debbie and your wooden wings are fabulous.

  5. Hi Debbie
    Wow your floors are just gorgeous* I love white wood floors and white washed walls. Your room is so warm and cozy looking. Love it***
    hope you get some warm weather soon

  6. Happy Sunday Debbie, it's a rewarding accomplishment when your room comes together beautifully. The painted Pine will eventually soften in appearance and the planks will be much more pronounced with a bit of passing time. Enjoy "tweaking" your room to perfection, personally I think it looks amazing. Sending some beautiful Philadelphia weather your way.

  7. Don't think have been on your blog much but am so loving "whiteness" in your room. Love it for other people but am person needs color. Wish I could live with white but only as accents. Also we have big black dog that always seems to be shedding no matter what time of year, lol.
    Saying this I adore how your room looks, so clean and serene. Think we're supposed to live with messy more than tidy. We live in area that has perpetual wind blowing and dusting is exercise in complete futility. Not happy about it, thought Tucson was bad when we lived there, not even as bad as here, few miles west of Grand Junction, CO. makes me crazy but can't move anymore, hubs says we're too old.
    Must have been so much fun for you decorating your room. Love white floor. How great you got to plank walls in your room.
    I'd love to plank wall or two in our bedroom, would be extra insulation for Winter and maybe not so darned hot in Summer. Back of our single wide mfg. home faces due west and it's so hot on summer afternoons, too hot to touch doorknob on back door. Actually would love to plank wall which runs from living room thru kitchen and into mud room. But hubs not going for idea at all.
    I had to convince him turning old dresser into tv stand with casters was good idea, no vision.
    Enjoy your awesome cottage, have great week.

    1. We are "old" too, but I figure for whatever time I have left, I will do what it takes to enjoy this crazy old
      I am so glad that you stop by and leave such interesting comments. You sound like you live a fun life...even as you are "old" like make me smile.

  8. Absolutely stunning! What a wonderful place to call home :-)


  9. It is All so Very Beautiful, Debbie! I'm sure you are highly satisfied with the transformation! Love the dining room as well! Have a blessed week with some warmer evenings! Cindy xo

  10. Your floor look amazing, Debbie! I am loving the white and the cottage feel that it gives your home. What a pain that milk paint must have been! ugh! I noticed the most beautiful large pair of angel wings on your wall (they look like wood. I've been looking all over for some like this. Could you share with me your source?
    Enjoy your pretty new floors, Debbie! You deserve a break after all of that work!

  11. What can I say other then you are speaking my language here... The floors are amazing, and to rid that carpet has only made each and every piece you have placed back into this room of living that much more beautiful. Not one piece fighting for attention here, it's all such a calming feel for a lake cottage and next years winter Nordic Cottage sooo! JDA living.

    You my dear will have so much fun in this room, you know in my small sitting room of main living is a cement foundation and I opted to use a 2 in 1 epoxy cement garage floor paint that is so much more warmer to the touch then the ceramic tile that runs through this place.
    I chose white cloud and love the flow from the floor up the walls to the ceiling, it adds so much more open feeling in the room for each piece to demand attention without fighting with each other. You will find this to be true about your white floor choice. I wouldn't worry about the distressing that may take place, the natural wear and tear will add the right kind of worn beauty you were looking for. That rubbed off feeling of worn and weathered.

    I am on the hunt for an area rug that is limp, old feeling, worn and pale to soften the step and foot traffic areas.

    Keep inspiring your home with the touch of your hands and the cottage beauty you create.
    You are going to see how much more you will be inspired by your white floors, and how it all falls in place beautifully.


  12. Ohhhhh Debbie, it looks amaaaaazing!!! I'm squealing with delight over here! I love, love, love the plank walls too:) I think your furniture looks perfect just the way you have it! You must get butterflies waking up in your darling little cottage:) Love every little detail!

  13. Hi Debbie!
    If I were to visit Denmark I think I would find a home that looks just like yours! You have truly captured the essence of "Debbie Style." I love the floors and the way you have arranged your beautiful pieces and furniture. I would love waking up everyday and walking through your dreamy room. Here's hoping for warm weather.

  14. It looks really nice and I think a bit more spacious too. What a lot of work that must have been but worth it with the way it turned out. Yes, I agree it is time to be outside.

  15. I love your home!!!! The white is perfect for your cozy home. Everything looks so bright and the romantic atmosphere is so soothing.

  16. It looks so gorgeous Debbie ! the painting sounds a nightmare but you got it right in the end ....over here the weather is crazy sunshine and snow it's great to have a cosy room to snuggle up in...enjoy the weekend...Gail x

  17. So gorgeous Debbie! I love what you have done.

  18. White floors always lift up the room! And spirits!