Monday, May 24, 2010

The pillow shams are finished.

Hello dearies~~~is it hot or what?!
I really don't mind tho...since the winter here at the lakehouse was VERY long. Bring on the heat and humidity!
The large pillow shams are finished. They look so nice with the quilt. I love the "cottagey" look the bed has now.

I've been working on the bedroom for quite a while. Just when I think I'm finished, I find another treasure to add to the room.
My friend, Debbie(the one that brings home all the wonderful stuff from Florida) had more linens for me to see. Hmmmmmmmmmm....I didn't think I'd NEED any more, but after going through the boxes, I DID need more!! Plus there were two sets of vintage pillow cases!!
I love our new quilt! Especially now that the large shams are finished. I liked the look of my pillows I made from vintage table clothes, but wanted more of a Euro sham look. So I asked Kim to make the shams to match the quilt. I wanted ruffles around the edge for a more romantic look. AND I was concerned that a normal size Euro sham would cover the the shams are smaller than normal.

Eventually, I'm hoping my hubby will replace the old painted panel boards with beadboard...white, of course.
Until then, I will just keep adding new treasures to the room.

The room is so bright now! It's kind of hard to sleep in. But that's okay. I absolutely love waking up to the sun dancing off the walls and ceiling as it reflects off the water just outside.
When a breeze comes through, the lace curtains billow..carrying the scents from the flowers under the window....into the room.....mmmmm. So nice.'s almost time to go to bed for the night...and after the busy weekend, and working until seven tonight, I'm ready!!
Have a good Tuesday.


  1. Your bedroom is just beautiful!! Love all the pillows!!

  2. Looks gorgeous! I love the netting. Doesn't it feel great to get projects done?
    Have a wonderful Monday

  3. Love it Debbie!! Everything is so Beautiful! I love your new chenille bedspread too! Looks so cozy & comfy! I need to go back & see all your posts I've missed. Hope you guys are having a great evening! Your little fairy in your header is so cute! :)

    Big Hugs ~ Teresa