Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I love to cook!!! This past year I've been collecting Paula Deen cook books. One of my favorites is her "Quick and Easy Meals" book with all the soup recipes in it. I tried them all within just two weeks!! Her recipes are easy, and usually call for things that you normally have in the fridge.
We stopped at the farm market on Sunday after church, and picked up lots of different veggies for the week. I'm sure I'll have enough of a variety to make at least three different soups to keep us happy.
It won't be long, and it will be grilling I think if I want a "warm weather" meal, I'd better get busy in the kitchen and make a couple of pots of Paula's yummy soup recipes.
Her books are great, because she adds a quick bread, or biscuit recipe to go with the soup dish.

When my girls were younger, we spent so much time in the AND baking. I really miss that time with them. Holidays were the best!!! We would spend the whole week before the holiday in the kitchen putting dishes, and desserts together.
I love it when they come up to the lakehouse. We gather around the butcher block and peel, chop, cut, mix, and stir large bowls of vegetables, fruits, and batters together for the meals we will serve to their families. Even the grandkids squish in between us to help prepare the meals.
Now that the kids are grown, my husband has been helping in the kitchen more. He even has his own "special recipes" now!
Since the weather is supposed to turn colder for the weekend, I think maybe I'll bring out my Paula Deen cookbook. The lasagna soup with the quick garlic bread recipe looks like a good one to start with......

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