Friday, May 21, 2010

Garden fairies

Well hello there~~you finally decided to wake from your long winter's slumber. And you've brought your friends.
I just love Columbines. They are lovely little flowers, and their colors are so delicate.
They pop up randomly in my gardens. I look forward to seeing them every spring.

It amazes me how their skinny little stems can hold the larger heads up. The foliage is also pretty. It looks like little tutus on a ballerina.
The light pink ones are my favorites.

These meander through the they are taking a walk through the other flowers, on paths visible only to the fairies.

It won't be long, and these little beauties will be hidden by the larger flowers. But I know they will be there. Dancing with the fairies.
Enjoy your Friday.


  1. Debbie - I have never seen a pink columbine! How absolutely beautiful! Soooo delicate! Sooo pretty! Charming, charming post today. Luved it! XOXOXO


  2. Hello there:)
    Welcome to the blogging world! It's a great place to be!
    I love Columbines too....they are happy little flowers:)

  3. Hi Debbie....I LOVE your blog!! Your house all done in white is' so beachy!....I read through many many pages and look foward to coming back, I became a follower....I could relate a bit to you talking about the people that come into the pharmacy...a friend from HS that I just re-connected with just found out she has cancer...and my very best friend also had a brain tumor a year ago...very large at the base of her skull...luckily all turned out well and she's perfectly fine one year later...Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your new white house!!

  4. Hi Debbie,
    Just found your blog a few days ago...and have enjoyed reading it. Love your white lakehouse!!
    I used to decorate cottage country style and then a few years ago went to the primitive look...but recently realized it isn't me. Started going back to the cottage feel with lots of white. I've been working on finishing up painting my kitchen cabinets white and also adding touches of white to other rooms is our home. Also been collecting white pitchers...and just love them.
    Your post about cancer really touched home with best friend's 30 years old son is battling brain cancer.
    Have a great weekend and I can't wait to see more of your white home!!

  5. Thank you for all of your encouraging comments on my blog! I appreciate each one.
    Seems like cancer is touching all of our lives in some way.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!