Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello.....Mother Nature...are you listening? What's up with all this cold, dreary weather?! Just two weeks ago I was sitting out here on the sun porch, watching the sun dance off the water. It sparkled like diamonds. The warmth sank down into my soul, causing a sense of peace and joy.
Then.....this!!! Rain, wind and COLD!!! You must be in "mental-pause", which I totally understand. There are times when I feel ugly myself, but I try not to take it out on everyone around me. Come on Mom Nature, you can do it! Just take a deep breath, and think happy thoughts. Slowly the warm feelings will return..concentrate.

You can do this! The window boxes are getting tired of me moving them from their perches under the windows, and then into the garage at night. I could just cover them every night, but with the rain, it's just not the best idea...ya know? Plus with all the wind...well, it's a real pain in the buttocks.

So, if you could go back on your meds(whatever it is Mother Nature takes for these episodes of gloom) it would be much appreciated.
I will be waiting here on the sun porch....watching for any signs of improvement in your mood.
In the meantime, I guess I can listen to the birds, and the patter of the raindrops on the roof.
Hey....this is nice.
Maybe this isn't so bad.

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