Sunday, May 2, 2010

New quilt

Good Sunday morning~~hope your day has been going well.

I've been working on my bedroom for a while, and finally came up with this....

A friend of mine just made a bleached muslin quilt for my bed. I wanted something "cottagey", and this is what she came up with. The euro shams are being put together this week. I asked Kim to make the neat long pillow that goes across the bed also...LOVE it!

I like the look of a more romantic bedroom....but not too frilly, as my husband sleeps in there too. And since I do the decorating, he kind of goes with the flow of it or not.

His "things" are in a corner of the livingroom, and I'm making plans for that to change soon. I'm going to move(put) his things in the spare room off the kitchen...we shall call it "man's town". I'm sure it will end up looking like something out of a Fred Flinstone cartoon, but that's okay. At least I can close the door.

1 comment:

  1. I love the way your bedroom turned out, Debbie! I'll bet it puts hubby in a romantic mood when he's in there. lol! And he can always put his macho-face back on when he visits man-town! :)