Sunday, May 16, 2010

A happy weekend...and all things white!

Hi all of you sweetie pies out there in blog-land!

How was your weekend? Did everyone get outside and enjoy the sunshine?(at least here in Michigan). It was very nice for a change.

I went down state and stayed with my youngest daughter Melissa, and her two little ones(Maddie, and Charlie). The girls were absolutely wonderful!

I also spent time with another granddaughter...Kayla. AND got to see Zoey(yet another one) perform gymnastics for her season finale. Also Bubba(Anson) came to visit later in the day on Saturday.

Maddie, Charlotte, and Kayla all helped Melissa and I work on Mel's front yard. We pulled weeds, tore out bushes, laid new edging blocks, planted Peonies, took out the old red mulch, and shoveled in the fresh black stuff. The girls helped the whole time...well, almost the whole time...In between bowls of ice cream, tea parties on the porch, games, playing tag, running around, and laughing..they really did a lot of work. As much as can be expected from girls ranging in age 1 1/2 to 8 years old.

It truly was a joyful weekend!

Living almost three hours away from all of them is difficult at times. I miss them all so much! the end of today, I was ready to head home.

I showed Melissa and Kelly and Erin(my daughters) pictures of the house now that it's changing from the dark, country look, to the white, vintage-cottage-beachy look...and all three of them gasped! They couldn't believe what I've done so far.

All three girls decorate in a more contemporary theme. Plus they like the black furniture...which is what a lot of my stuff used to be.
They all just cried out, "NOOOOOO!"
Hahahahahaha! I've always been a little ADDish when it comes to decorating(seriously, I do have ADD). This time I've finally been doing things the way I've always wanted to, instead of trying to be trendy.
I have collected vintage linens for years! I've made pillows, chair covers, curtains, etc. with them for such a long time. Most things were sold at the shop I owned. Now I make things for my own home, and am able to enjoy the linens I've had for so long.
I used to have teas in the gardens for the ladies at church, and in our Bible study. The tea pots, cups, table clothes, napkins, etc. were always put away in a cupboard. Not seen until I'd bring them all out for the tea.
Now, they are all out on display on my old farm cupboard that I painted white just a couple of months ago. I added the boarders (from some vintage cases I saved) to the shelves on the cupboard.
Instead of keeping the jars of lavender behind doors, they are also kept on the shelves. Easy access when I want to sprinkle some on the carpet before that scent! By the way..a scallop shell works great for a scoop.
Using sea shells everywhere helps the beachy look I'm going for.
I feel like the lake house is starting to look and feel the way it should have all along. It doesn't matter what everyone else's about my hubby and I, and what makes our house feel like our home.
Have a nice Sunday evening.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with your girls, Debbie! Your eye-candy photos are just beautiful. You're becoming quite the photographer, girl! And I love the idea of using the scallop seashell as a scoop! :)