Saturday, May 8, 2010

She sells sea shells

Good Saturday morning~~
I've got the day off, so I'm planning to get those chairs painted today.
Also, I'll be working on some vintage frames my dear friend brought back from her Florida vacation. Debbie goes to auctions, flea markets, and garage sales while she's down there. She always brings back a van load of treasures.
One of my favorite things are sea shells. Debbie found some beauties!!!
Since today is so cold and dreary, I wanted to brighten things up a bit with a few pieces of "art" from the sea.
Aren't these wonderful? I can hear the ocean just by looking at them.
We are planning a trip to Sannibel Island next March, and seeing these shells makes me anxious to get down there!

Remember as a kid putting a big shell to your ear and hearing the sound of the ocean? I did that with the conch shell, and it made me smile.
When our grandchildren come up in the summer, I throw a few small shells on the beach for them to find. I love the looks on their faces when they find one...precious!
The weather has been so nice here for the past few weeks. It gave me hope that summer would be here soon. Then we got this cold snap...kind of blew the wind out of my sail.
I guess it will help me appreciate the warm weather once it returns.
At least the plants are enjoying all this rain!
Have a great Saturday!


  1. Debbie - I LUV that you throw seashells on the shore for your grandkids to discover! What a wonderful idea! And your photos are beautiful, girl..... :)