Saturday, May 15, 2010

Before and after

This is where it all started. The country decor in the kitchen was changed to a beachy white.
The cupboards were previously painted with milk paint, in mustard. The curtains were burgundy with the willow tree, and sheep on them.
Once I painted the cupboards with white, I just kept going....curtains were changed to white, dishes...white, towels....white, etc.

The beams went from black to white.

We kept the counter tops and sink black. Since the micro-wave and dishwasher were new, they stayed. I painted the backsplash white, and was happy to see how bright it looked. The trim was also dark, so that was changed to white.
After re-doing the kitchen, I just kept going....into the hall, dining room, living room, and bedrooms.
I'm still working on furniture in all of the rooms. I doubt I'll ever be finished painting things white...and that's okay...because it keeps me busy, and gives me an excuse to keep looking for more pieces to paint.


  1. Still can not believe the huge difference the white made in the house, Debbie! Don'tcha just love it?! :)