Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flowers in buckets

Good day to all you bloggers that love this wonderful season of flowers in buckets, pails, vases, glasses, baskets, jars, and anything else that will hold them.

I was looking for something in one of the cupboards, and saw these galvanized buckets that I've been saving for....????what? When I realized they would look nice with the wire topper, and birds on the table.

I had cut just a few Columbines to bring inside, and thought the colors would go nicely with the buckets.

To keep the water from leaking out, I just plunked a couple of mason jelly jars down in the buckets. Worked out pretty well.

I know I've already posted this tablescape, but with the addition of the flowers, it changed things just a little bit.

I am anxiously awaiting my new table runner from French Larkspur to arrive. It is like Maria's at Dreamy have to check out all the wonderful things that French Larkspur carries.
I already have another order ready to be sent in!!

AND....I found a few treasures while shopping with my daughter this weekend...just wait until you see what I brought home!


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