Thursday, December 5, 2013

A few more decorations...

Good morning.
I love getting up early this time of year. Turning the lights on the Christmas tree. Listening to Christmas music, and lighting some balsam scented candles.

A few more vintage decorations came out of the bins the other day.

My mother's mother had  bottle brush trees, and wreaths at Christmas time.
I've always loved them.
Whenever I find them, I scoop them up.

Mercury glass is another favorite.
I have candle sticks, vases, bottles, ornaments, etc.
Silver is my number one favorite, but pink is right up there, as is the aqua color.

I'm not putting out as much as I used to.
With all the kids having homes of their own...I've given them a lot of the decorations that we had when they were little.
I don't do all the Santa's, and snowmen anymore.
Now it's more vintage, and shabby pieces that I use to decorate with.
The colors are less traditional here at our cottage, but they are soothing, and we do have some "bling" here and there!
I hope you are having fun decorating your homes this is short, make it happy!


  1. Debbie, your tree is gorgeous with the mercury ornaments! I adore bottle brush trees and wreaths, can never pass them up in a antique store.

  2. Love it and that garland, yeah, I love that, too. Hope you are having fun in your little place on the water...soon to be ice. Woke up to freezing rain this morning. Kind of hard to take when it was 62 here yesterday.

  3. Such prettiness happening there! I love how you've decorated and those little trees are so adorable!!!

  4. Adoro le tue decorazioni!Baci,Rosetta

  5. oh I love it, my favorite colors all of them, in that order....white, silver, palest pink, aqua..

  6. Everything looks great Debbie! I love your tree with the pretty ornaments:@)

  7. Debbie, I love your tree. I too like those bottle brush trees, they make me think of when I was young. Hope you don't get the nasty stuff heade our way...we are to have the ice and snow and very cold it too early to think of spring:):) blessings to you dear Debbie. I think of you often. xoxo,Susie

  8. Soooooo pretty, Debbie! I love all the silver mixed with the aqua and pink! My little pink tree is now up covered in vintage pink and blue ornaments. Almost done with decor over here, too. :)
    xoxo laurie

  9. I love silver too and the aqua especially. I have a lot of decorations to sale at our annual yardsale in August...tired of storing it and never using it so out it will go.
    Have a great weekend Deb♥

  10. It all looks absolutely GORGEOUS, Debbie! I just love it. Your decorations are beautiful. I gave all my stuff to my kids, too-all those things that meant so much to them and that they remembered from their childhood. xoDiana

  11. Everything looks to pretty!! I went with more of a vintage feel this year. I have some cream bottle trees and I just got a little mercury glass Christmas tree yesterday. Wish my girls would of wanting some of the stuff that I decorated with it when they were younger, but neither of them wanted any of it.

  12. Really pretty, Deb! so deliciously feminine and magical.

  13. Looks wonderful Debbie ! and I too love getting up early and putting candles's just so cosy ! wishing you a happy 2 Advent weekend ..keep warm ....Gail x

  14. Silver and blue is my favorite combination. I would love to sit at your table, sipping hot chocolate and eating warm cookies, while watching the snow fall. Your lake house is THE most comfortable looking place.

  15. Hi Debbie,
    Christmas is looking lovely at your place, mercury glass, silver and pink... LOVE, I may have to collect a bit of aqua after seeing yours! Your comment made me laugh... I am stalking you back, I could look at just your header for an hour :-)
    Happy Weekend,