Sunday, December 8, 2013

Quiet Sunday.

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon here at our cottage. It's nice to have some time to sit and relax for a few hours.
Our Christmas season has started off with two fun parties, and another one scheduled for tonight.
The neighborhood party was last night.
We had a wonderful time!!!

My party, for the pharmacy, was last weekend.
Hubby's work party is tonight.

Hubby's family meets the weekend before Christmas.
My kids get together the weekend after.
Then I plan to have some gal pals over during the week before Christmas week.
Yikes....there doesn't seem to be enough time to meet with everyone!

I'm trying to keep things simple this year.
A lot of the decorations are staying in the bins.
I don't have the extra time to pull it all out, then put it all away again in such a short time.

There are always a lot of candles here at our cottage.
With the glow of the Christmas lights, the fire going, and all the candles...we have a cozy holiday feel here at the Lakehouse.

There's goes my quiet afternoon!!
The snowmobiles are here!
They are racing up and down the frozen canal...sigh... was nice while it lasted........


  1. You've created such a peaceful, cozy home, Debbie. Love your sweet, simple Christmas vignettes. :) That's one thing I don't miss about living on a lake....the noisy snowmobiles. Ugh. Well, just crank up some Christmas tunes, put your feet up, sip some hot cocoa and enjoy your beautiful cottage, sis. Love you!

    xoxo laurie

  2. i understand completely! i have been visiting some of the home tours and i see a thing or two the intrigues me...but mostly i think 'what a lot of work...just to have to take down in several weeks!' bad attitude, eh? ;} obviously, martha stewart and i are NOT related! your home looks so pretty...enjoy it...and the simple beauty of Christmastide! ;}

    m ^..^

  3. everything here looks beautiful, dreamy.
    I too have taken only a very few things out of the Christmas boxes, am doing an all white Christmas, decorating differently. Putting away so much Xmas stuff hurts me this year I won't have to :D I wish it would rain and thunder so I can have some quiet to reflect on just how to do this, lots of paperwhites, candles here too and white branches. It is also a slow process this year, doing only what I would love a meditative decoration. For the first time I'm decorating my crystal chandelier, so far so good :D

  4. Everything looks so beautiful. We are finally getting some snow tonight.

  5. Everything looks so pretty!!
    We had snow here yesterday and now we have some freezing rain overnight.

  6. Sounds like you have a nice full Christmas Season planned-enjoy:@)

  7. Seems a lot of bloggers just don't have time this year to really get into Christmas decorating. It must be that one week less between Thanksgiving and Christmas that did it. I love those pink spoons, they almost look like mother of pearl, I can't quite tell but they sure are pretty! Have a Merry Christmas in case I don't get a chance to visit before it's over!

  8. Your home is looking so festive and pretty, Debbie! Christmas is just coming way too fast this year, and I don't even have all our decorating done. I've had a nasty cold for the past week, so I haven't felt like moving. Sounds like you are having fun with your parties. Keep warm!

  9. Have a wonderful time with your parties!

  10. All your photos are so lovely Debbie! I love it when you invite me in to look around your beautiful home!
    Have a wonderful Christmas season my friend.
    hugs from here...