Sunday, April 13, 2014

A fresh start.

This road we travel is full of twists, and turns. Ever changing as we reach each new milestone.
When I look back just four years ago, I was in a totally different place.
Physically, my face, and body didn't reveal the signs of stress, illness, and aging.

This little cottage was decorated with the antiques, and vintage furniture that I still love.
I can see more of a shabby/country flair that was popular just four short years ago.
How quickly trends change...and how I strived to stay on top of what seems to be  popular in decor "at the moment".

Add a few years to these little bodies.  Ethan is now starting to drive. Maddie is in junior high. Kayla competes in gymnastics. Zoey has a three year old little sister. Charlotte has a little sister that has taken her place...crying on the floor now.  Anson is playing ball this summer.
It's all going by so fast....this road I'm traveling on.

My quest for keeping up with the changing styles, here at the Lakehouse, had caused me to take some side roads on life's journey.
I wanted what I saw on other people's blogs.  My home wasn't ever as beautiful as the ones I was seeing every where else.
My focus wasn't on the road I originally had started out on. 
I could classify myself as "coveting" my neighbors' goods. 

Blogging was not turning out to be what I had intended it to be.
I had prayed for God to use this blog as a "beacon in the darkness".
It was to be used "for HIS glory".
I had changed....and I didn't like where I was at.

Everything happens for a reason.  I truly believe this.
Blogging was just a small part of my life that needed correction.
I'm still struggling with areas, and issues in my life that I need to change. 
One area is in judging others.
Whatever one's reason is for what they choose to do, should be their business.
 I shouldn't use someone else's life as an example when trying to prove a point.
I've got enough dirt on my own floors to clean up.

Over the past four years, a lot of changes have taken place here at the Lakehouse.
There are a lot more ruffles, roses, and even some French dining chairs around the table.
My grandchildren are growing, and multiplying  faster than the hollyhocks in the cottage garden.
God has healed my body from uterine cancer, and a perforated bowel.
The Crohn's disease has been in remission for three years.

My little booth, Seashells and Lavender, is still thriving.
I don't know how much longer I will be renting space...but for now, it's good.

We have made a few changes this past winter inside our cottage.
The walls were the same color for almost ten years.
Painting them lighter sets a brighter mood.
I feel like we've finally found furnishings that we BOTH like.

The road has been long, and at times, rough.
It shows in my eyes, and on my face.
As of today...I'm looking neither to the left, nor the right. I shall try to keep my eyes focused forward.
I will leave the things behind that need to be left.

I am closing down the Lakehouse blog.
I will be starting fresh, with a new blog called Seashells and Lavender.
I am hoping it will be a reflection of my commitment for the year 2014.



  1. Hi Debbie,
    I am so glad to hear that you will be starting fresh with a brand new blog, how exciting! When I read you were shutting down Lakehouse, I was so sad, but then very relieved to read your next sentence. You are a true gem here in blogland, you not only share your gorgeous home with us, but you have a gift of putting into words what so many of us think and feel. You were one of the very first followers of mine, I think we started blogging about the same time. You sure have had your share of trials, but always remain so upbeat. I too feel pretty worse for wear much of the time. We were looking at photos last night taken 14 years ago. I was shocked to see how good I looked back then, compared to now with all the weight (and wrinkles!) I've gained! I was really depressed! So I will try and do as you are, and look ahead, not behind. Keep inspiring us, Debbie, you are real, that is why I love you!

  2. Oh- You are going to leave the old blog up though, aren't you, Debbie? You don't want to lose all those precious memories you have. I am happy/sad for you, Debbie. I look forward to your new blog but will really miss the old.

    I have struggled in blog land to-to find my own voice and not to be a people pleaser. I did that my whole early life and don't want to do it anymore. We are blessed, you and I, to have families that we love-that love us back. To be where we are -even if we aren't sure that is where we belong. Life has certainly been a journey for you...AND you look as beautiful today as when you first started blogging. Your health issues do not show on your face at all.

    God bless you, Debbie. You are just a "real" person and that is why I love you , my friend. xo Diana

  3. I will miss your Lakehouse blog because you and it are 2 of my favorites here in blogland! Make sure to let me know when your new blog is up and running.

    I am often jealous of other people and what they have. So I try to remind myself that I am exactly where God wants me to be and I have exactly what God wants me to have. No more, no less. And to keep my eyes on the Lord above all else.

    Thanks for being such a special blogger friend Debbie. Don't disappear on me. xo

  4. Oh, a new exciting! I love new blog name too:)

    I have to say, I'm not an envious person by nature so I've never struggled with being competitive. I love all the inspiration I find in all the blogs I read:) I've never owned a home, always been a renter so that dream's definitely out there for me but, I also feel very blessed for our little rental apartment and do the best I can with what I've been given:)

    I think you look lovely Debbie! In fact, I think you look better:) Hugs and looking forward to your new blog!

  5. Debbie, I will follow you anywhere. I am looking forward to your new blog. I so understand the need to move on, to change and to be your own person in a world of copycats. I have my own drummer inside of me and I do my own thing. I hope you find who you are in this new venture and what you stand for, even though I think you already know inside. Keep God in your sights, and follow Him. You know He will never lead you wrong or let you go where you do not need to be.
    Keep your blog real, about you and what you love. Let your passion for God and all those around you shine and you will find that JOY in life so many search for but seldom find. You have it. Its already all around you. All you have to do is see it. Your world is awesome because you are in it. A woman who God blesses every single day. One who is loved so much by her family, friends and co workers.
    Count the things that really matter. The things you can only place in a one inch square pocket. ;) Love, health and happiness. Its all you leave here with. Enjoy the rest of your journey.

  6. Debbie, Some times it is easy to go off track....My blog was just something to do to meet people. I have truly enjoyed seeing your gardens, your make overs of recycling. But mostly I have enjoying getting to know you and I think you are pretty darn special. I look in the mirror and wonder when my mom got here. LOL. Blessings dear friend, xoxo,Susie

  7. So glad to see you won't be going away, just changing your home on the web! I look forward to following your journey!


  8. Oh Debbie I was afraid you were leaving us! You look great with your longer hair. And I look forward to following on the next 4 years to see where things take us!

  9. Hi Debbie,
    I really understand everything that you are saying here. I too have been struggling with finding my own voice and style and not following the crowd. My blogging has been less frequent and I am still trying to decide what to do next. I envy you that you've made your decision and at the same time I am so glad that you are starting another blog. I'll be right there with you. You are very special and I love hearing what you have to say and share. I'll see you on the new blog.


  10. glad that you are not going to stop blogging. It is always a good thing to follow what your heart is saying to you. Can't wait to visit you at your new blog...Seashells and Lavender.

  11. Hi Debbie,
    Seashells and Lavender. Lovely name. Strikes me as waterside but not necessarily about decorating? I'm on board and will watch for the arrival of your new blog. I'm in the process of re-thinking my blogging...whether to stop altogether or just to hang in there until the right inspiration comes along. Lots of changes at our house, mostly physical...I'm so glad you survived uterine cancer!!! That's often hard to do! Right now, I'm dealing with skin cancer...
    love and hugs,

  12. Dear Debbie:
    I´ve been following you for a while, though I don´t comment much because it´s rather difficult for me to write in English, which is not my native language. However, today I think it worths the effort, since I was deeply moved by your words... I completely understand you: when we´ve been sucked into this blogging world sometimes we loose perspective of what we are really doing, and end trying -unsuccessfully- to imitate the staged magazine-look of other people´s houses and lives (when not falling into an insane competition about who has more followers or more comments and suchlike), instead of being authentic and showing who and what we really are. That was precisely the reason why I considered myself to simply quit blogging a few months ago... and I can see many of the ladies I have been following the last years are going through the same dilemma. So I can tell you only one thing: FOLLOW YOUR HEART and do what you really feel you want to... just be yourself, surround yourself only with the people and the things that make your heart sing (no matter how often trends and fashions may change, and no matter if your house matches or not in a particular decoration style!) because only that way you´ll be truly happy. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that there are many more people around the world who -like myself- have been inspired by you and your beautiful Lakehouse during these past years, and will be also following you in your fresh start at Seashells and Lavender... Send you a great hug and a million blessings from Uruguay.

  13. Really a new blog? I can't wait to see it and love the name. Thank goodness your not quitting blogging I would certainly miss you!

    Have a Blessed Easter!

  14. So happy I'll still be able to follow along with you Debbie, it is always a joy!!

  15. Hello again!! It seems like you went through a similar blogging crisis like I did. My word for 2014 is ME! and now I am on that path again of taking care of ME and doing what I want to do!!

    So pleased to meet you!!


  16. Debbie,
    I'm not sure how I found this post, but it could have been written by me! A few weeks ago I was contacted by professional photographers who were interested in photographing our home later this summer. At first I was flattered, but as I looked at photos of other homes they've featured, I started feeling like everything was wrong about our house. Then I came to my senses and declined their offer, because I knew that things would spiral out of control and this "photo shoot" would become my main focus. I had to step away from blogging and concentrate on more important things in my life. I may come back to my blog in the future, but for now I'm just leaving it idle. I truly know where you're at right now and wish you happiness in your new venture.

  17. I loved reading this Debbie. It was a beautiful write from your heart and I loved reading every word. Now I'm off to visit your new blog!
    sending hugs...