Saturday, January 9, 2016

Finding a little inspiration....

We are experiencing the January thaw here at the lake.
I've been going through my home decor magazines, instead of doing some touch-up painting as I had planned to do today.
I had seen a pretty rose swag in the latest issue of Romantic Country Magazine, featuring Jo-Anne Coletti's lovely home, and wanted to try to make one similar for the Lakehouse.

I use strips from older RA pillow slips when making my rag strip projects, so I used some for the rose swag...along with the usual gauze bar towels that I also use.
There were some white paper roses in the cupboard, and those seemed to call my name....
The project turned out differently than the one in Jo-Anne's feature...but that's quite alright. I wasn't going for an exact copy...just something similar.....something that would fit in here at the Lakehouse.
I do appreciate the inspiration that Jo-Anne's beautiful home invokes, however. I find her to be an amazingly talented woman.
Have a happy Sunday!


  1. Hi Debbie
    Yours came out so beautiful*** I just love the Rose,so soft looking. Enjoy this gorgeous weekend

  2. So softy and pretty! What a fun way to spend the day creating something so pretty and beautiful! Whenever I try to make something I've seen that someone else has made, I always end up changing it up a bit too... your own special touch makes it more fun! Have a great day! :)

  3. Awww..Debbie- You are so creative and that is just beautiful! Love your sweet lakehouse! xo Diana

  4. The swag is gorgeous and very sweet, Debbie. You did a beautiful job! What a great way to dress up a window.

    I went back to your last post...I have been a very bad blogger lately. :( I LOVE the tea cart the Mr. gave you---so pretty!

    Every time I hear of people having packed up the Christmas decorations I get a little chill up my spine! I have nothing left but the tree and mantel but I seem to want to do anything but that. I've been busy and I'm a little worn out. When I have time I just want to do nothing with a capital N!!!

    Are you guys getting snow this weekend? It may be on it's way now. We are supposed to get 7 inches tonight. At least tomorrow isn't a workday.

    Take care!

    Jane x

  5. Well I have never tried them, yours are very pretty! I need to start a new project, you always inspire me!
    Hugs, Roxy

  6. Your swag turned out so pretty, Debbie! I just love the paper roses that you added. Isn't Jo Anne's home gorgeous? I just love her style and home, and her art work as well. You have inspired me to create a swag myself:)

  7. I'm sure we never what an exact replica, but inspiration is idea for a sweet project like the swag you created! I love looking at magazines for ideas as well as Pinterest! May your Sunday be Blessed, Cindy xo

  8. Just beautiful Debbie. I love your pretty swag creation. Happy Sunday back at you.

  9. I love creating swags, well mini ones that is.. Like the ones created for my small French theatre.
    Yours is perfect for your home, and using the linens on hand makes your swag a perfect fit to your decor. I know the feature well, I have the magazine and your swag is eaqual in design and charm.
    I adore how you keep your cottage creatively styled with changes here and there.


  10. I do favor roses and yours added the perfect touch. We had the thaw and now we're headed back to freezing and below. Keep warm and cozy there. I'll be doing the same.

  11. Hi Debbie,
    I can't think of anything better to do on a cold winter day. I love your romantic rose swag. I have been really avoiding house cleaning and projects since December. I have all these plans to scrub all the base boards and do a major cleaning, but it never happens! I would rather play with new creations and fluff up my booth! LOL!
    Have a wonderful week my dear, Sweet Friend.


  12. Debbie,
    I always enjoy a visit to your romantic and pretty Lakehouse. Your creative swag adds beauty in another layer of fabric that visually comforts and adds interest. Enjoy your thaw and stay cozy and warm. We have been pelted with lots of rain overnight and today in Philly. But ya know what it's better than snow!

  13. Debbie, I think that is so pretty. I'll have to look for the magazine. I like seeing this to become inspired too. We are being frozen in today...It's too windy and cold to go outside. We did not get much snow, but it's plastered to the sides of the trees. You know it's only 70 days till spring. We all know how quickly that time will go by. Blessings for a great new week ahead. Please stay warm and be safe. Love you dear friend, xoxo,Susie

  14. So pretty Debbie...magazines are great for inspiration and you've done a wonderful job. Hope your thaw means that spring is just around the corner ! Have a nice week...Gail x

  15. turned out so pretty!!! You are very talented and your romantic touches are so lovely. The paper rose is fabulous.Stay warm and cozy!

  16. It turned out beautifully Debbie! I really need to put making something like this on my to-do list:) Kyran was sick with pharyngitis over the weekend and it was so strange, his feet ate threw our Rachel Ashwell fitted sheet!!! We don't know what the heck happened but anyway, I now have the entire sheet to use for crafting!

    Hope you're having a good week in your cozy cottage:)

  17. Hi Debbie... My copy of Romantic Country is yet to arrive here so l haven't seen Jo-anne's rose swag as yet, but l love the one you've created, it filters the light beautifully and what a great idea to use RA pillowslips, all her fabrics are so pretty.