Sunday, November 9, 2014

The things we keep.

Isn't it funny what we keep?
If you look around your house, do you see some things that you absolutely love?
Yet, someone else might think a particular piece might be just a piece of junk?
What they see as junk, we see as junque'.

 I save objects found on special trips.
I think shells are gorgeous!
Whenever we take a trip to the ocean, I look for seashells.
They are scattered about the house, and always remind me of the wonderful sandy beaches, and sunsets we enjoy so much while spending time in Florida.

Drying flowers to use in sachets is a must.
Filling the house with the scents of lavender, and rose warms my heart.
Using sweet annie, or just hanging a bunch to experience it's scent is so enjoyable for me.

Saving tags from items that have been sent to me is another thing I do.
Sounds goofy, I know...but if someone is going to take the time to print up special tags, and write a sweet note, and tuck it inside a package just for me, then I'm going to save that note to remind me of that dear person.
I see a pattern here....I think it's called hoarding.

I like old door knobs.
Silly thing, yes...but think of all those hands that turned those knobs.
What kind of house did it come from?
Was it from a child's room?
An old farmhouse?
What kind of history does it hold?

Vintage dishes are so pretty.
People walk by them as they sit on shelves in second hand stores...not getting a second glance.
Just think of the person that so lovingly painted the designs on these pieces of art.
I marvel at the care that went into such lovely items.
Each time I pass them on my shelves, I have to smile at their pretty faces.

My Grandma had teas.
She didn't use bags. She steeped the tea.
I did the same.
I had teas for ladies in my home, just like my Grandma did.
We still use this old piece.

How many sunrises, and sunsets did these roses witness?
Keeping them through the long winter months gives me hope for spring.
They add a rustic beauty in decorating. Plus when used in dried floral arrangements, you get a touch of romance.

Think of all the clothes these buttons graced over the years.
How many busy hands threaded needles, and attached one of these to a shirt, or dress, or skirt?
Where did they all come from?
I have many more resting in dishes, and pitchers, waiting to be sewn to sachets, and other pretty items here at Lakehouse.
They look cute enough just resting in dishes in the old farm cupboard...don't you think?
Whatever our reasons for keeping the things we long as it doesn't become an obsession, and it doesn't become more important than God, and's okay.
Filling our homes with the things we love, is a part of who we are.
I might be a little quirky...who likes old door knobs???? whatever you like, and it brings you joy...I'm happy for you...
**Hopefully we won't be seeing you on "Hoarders" next season.


  1. If one loves and appreciates an item, and it brings Joy, just to look at it, it surely belongs in their home!!!! Or so I think.

    And these items, resonate with the owner of them. Showing what she sees as beautiful, and what sort of items "speak" to her.

    And shouldn't what is in our homes, do just that? :-) Yes, it seems so.

    And if one surrounds one's self with Beauty, this has to make life, more enjoyable.

    Gentle hugs,

  2. What a delightful thought... How many people have turned old knobs...? And to what room(s), did they give entry....?

    Myself, I fancy cut glass ones. Not that I have any. I just think they are so beautiful...


  3. I love old buttons and like to collect them. The house I grew up in had glass door knobs that looked like diamonds. I wish I had one of them. :-)

  4. I think we are a lot alike. I do the same thing, especially with old crochet...I wonder who made it and when. Old door knobs, oh my gosh....I hoard them like crazy! Buttons too but above all...vintage crochet. If I ever lived near the sea my house would be full of shells, but since we usually travel to the mountains or the desert I pick up rocks and bring them home! Yes, I collect odd things and get funny looks sometimes but I don't care, if it makes us happy that what's the difference!!! Have a happy Sunday sweetie!

  5. Your thoughts and the sentiments they carry are so beautiful. Such a peaceful post, the kind that reminds me of why I blog. Thank you dear. I too keep the tags that come with the many lovely handmade tags if have received from purchases through etsy. Seashells though are my largest collection and are everywhere, even in my truck!

    My sympathy to you for your recent loss and sufferings. I have been on vacation this past week but you are in my thoughts. xxo

  6. Debbie, I have some small things that I have kept thru the years, that I can not bear to let go . They have a meaning for me. If it's gift or some thing I have found doesn't matter as long as I love it. I like shells and buttons too. I have some little Knic-Knacs that I adore. Even a coffee mug or cup . if we love we make it work. Blessings , xoxo,Susie

  7. You and I save so many of the same things Debbie. It doesn't surprise me though because we seem to love all the same things as well. I save every tag or card that was sent to me too :) I loved every beautiful photo in the post my dear.
    Have a wonderful week sweetie!

  8. The photos of the things you've saved are beautiful! I do save all the personal letters I get...they took love and care to write, and I appreciate them.

  9. Oh- Debbie- I love old door knobs, too. I also love old hardware knobs off furniture. lol I have bits and pieces that mean nothing to anyone but me - AND I save tags, too! lol The ones from bloggers are always just amazing, aren't they?

    I hope you have a wonderful night- watching football here and blogging a bit. xo Diana

  10. I have always found comfort in the treasures that I have found or bought, and those special gifts that were given to me! I love vintage perfume bottles, and old platters.
    Bowls with anything pretty in them. But I surround myself with stacks of books. I love having all my Bibles on tables and next to my bed! All things lovely make me happy!
    Treasure's should be kept and loved andf then given to another.
    Blessings Always, Roxy

  11. I think that every vintage item is full of important memories. That's why it shows a particular beauty. I love your vintage objects.

  12. Beautiful post. And I love the same things you do, Debbie.

    I have an old box shaped like a treasure chest that was my grandmother's. Inside are my treasures. Cards the kids made for me so many years ago. Small toys. Photos. Stuff that anyone else would immediately toss out, but that I treasure dearly.


  13. Hi Debbie, so nice to catch up with you and I love this post. I save so many of the same treasures. Little special momentous that have deep meaning. I too save any sort of tag from gifts, flowers etc. They become book markers for me and every time I use one, it is a reminder of something special.
    Love your pics. Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Hugs and Blessings

  14. Hi Deb!
    In my studio I have a few shelves where I keep little pieces of this and that of trinkets that speak to me. All together they make quite a pretty collection! I also keep cards and tags I've received over the years and they too look pretty together!
    I just love the photo with the buttons!!

  15. I love old door knobs and looking at something older than me and wondering all those wonders about it. Who used it and all that. I love finding fun things that remind me of those gone now, and I love old hoarder, you.

  16. I love old doorknobs ones, fancy metal ones, porcelain, just as long as it is old! I also love old galvanized buckets and tin or aluminum molds. I'm really getting interested in old mother of pearl buttons, but haven't really started collecting them.

    I love the way you've displayed your collections. I too save handmade notes and have a crocheted baby cap just like yours. I love the added buttons and bit of ruffle on yours!

    Blessings my friend,

  17. I love your collections, Debbie! They aren't just "things", but they have precious memories for you:) Your sachets are just gorgeous, love anything with vintage lace and fabrics. There are things I don't want to part with, either. Mementos from trips, old photographs, and anything with "crafting potential" are things I have a hard time parting with!!