Sunday, November 30, 2014

One bedroom is finished!

I finally finished painting one of the bedrooms upstairs yesterday.
After arranging, and re-arranging furniture, I think I have things the way they will stay for a while.
The linen cupboard is stuffed with vintage quilts, and all the RA bedding it can hold.

The Salt Glaze by Martha Stewart gave the room a whole new feel.
I really like it with all the white trim, and painted panel board.
The room has more of a cottage feel to it.

I shopped the house for different pieces to add to what I already had.

I keep changing pieces between the two bedrooms upstairs.
The next room to be painted is the one right across the hall from this one.

I still have to hide the cords inside the little mantle.
Otherwise, the room looks pretty cozy, and romantic.

Ooops, I see the bed skirt needs adjusting.
A little tweaking here, and there will help finish this room...then on to the bedroom just across the hall.

I've been wanting to hang this piece of vintage architecture found at the huge flea market we went to this past Fall.
It fits well right above the window.
I had to use the flash for this photo.
I don't like using the flash at all....but couldn't get the pic to focus without it.
The colors look awful!!!
At least you get an idea of what it looks like.
For those of you that read my previous post....the little gypsy wagon idea lasted for just a few days. The bed was difficult to get in and out of...but was a fun idea while it lasted.

This arrangement works so much better!
Have a great week everyone!


  1. Debbie, It looks so nice in the bedroom. I love the little fireplace and mantle. That makes it a cozy corner with the chair. Great collection of quilts. Hope you had some of the warmer weather we just had. I loved it. Blessings for a fun new week. Love, Susie

  2. Oh Debbie, it looks so beautiful!!! I absolutely adore your little mantel, the slanted ceiling is cozy and cottage-y:) I love the open cupboards doors with all the beautiful linens inside. I want to do something like that with the bottom part of our bedroom armoire, maybe use vintage wallpaper inside:) Love everything!!!

  3. Debbie,
    Your redesigned room looks ever so enchanting and inviting. Your home, your essence of creating speaks of imaginative wonderment and beauty. I feel in your home I would feel welcome and happy. Very serene and pretty room.

  4. Your guest room is very pretty and inviting. Painting and putting the room back is always a lot of work but I find it feels nice to have things fresh again. Take care!

  5. I love Rachel Ashwell, I always look at her line in Target, love those fuzzy blankets she has! Thanks for the sweet comment you left and hope your holiday was a good one!

  6. Debbie your room is softly romantic. Your Shabby Chic pile looks a lot like my collection of Rachel Ashwell...timeless. Love your choice of paint, the name alone is lovely isn't it? We used Martha Stewart for our kitchen and are so pleased with the quality of her paint. Your architectural piece reminds me of golden wings. Your room is beautiful, as well as your entire home. Wish I could come over for tea. I know we would enjoy the repose of friendship shared together. Blessed Advent season to you. xxo

  7. Looks soft and warm and cozy!! Now, enjoy and rest and allow His strength and peace on earth fill your days this next season! I always feel really wiped out after a remodel in my home! You should have seen my turkey gravy this year... It was all decked out in white LOL I even took a picture of it... THANK YOU xo

  8. Love the color and love this room Debbie. Great job. Love all your quilts collection. So pretty. I like the romance the mantel gives to the room too. Very sweet.

  9. Your bedroom redo is so pretty, Debbie! I am drooling over all of your gorgeous bedding, I just love the pom poms on your pillow sham! And the mantel makes it feel oh so romantic and cozy! Great job!

  10. So pretty and so romantic....

    And I love the mantle!!!!

    Happy first day of December,

  11. This room is very cozy and romantic....i love it very much! Your quilts collection is just gorgeous.

  12. No wonder you haven't pm'd me back. Look at all you have been up to. Love the room and all the fun packed in it. Got the box on Saturday! Finally- have no idea where its been. The date on the postage was Oct 27th.

  13. So pretty -love the colors. I'd never want to get out of bed. xo

  14. oh my goodness this whole thing is delicious!! lovely! :-)

  15. Very cozy looking. My bedroom at home had a slanted ceiling like this room, it added character.

  16. Debbie- That looks GREAT. What fun that architectural piece adds to the room. I love it -that was a good find. The bedroom looks soft and romantic and just perfect now. Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  17. So ready for the holidays here with a perfect shade for your unique shaped room, all is calm here with a fresh coat on the walls.
    The stacks of linens warm the cottage feel.


  18. It's all so charming! It looks like Rachel Ashwell decorated the room!