Friday, December 5, 2014

Starting to decorate.

Every year it's the same.
You see all the gorgeous new decorations, and pretty Christmas trees in the stores, and you decide this will be the year you change your holiday decor.
You buy a few bulbs for the tree, and can't wait to get started with your holiday decorating.
You start pulling out the boxes from years past, and see a few of those favorite, sentimental pieces that tug at your heart strings....and you make a pile of decorations that you just can't leave in the box this year.
Of course, the vintage ornaments that Dad gave you the year before he passed away...the ones that his mom hung on her Christmas tree so many years before will be hung on the vintage feather tree.

Those sweet little bottle brush trees you've had for years won't take up much room.
Better get those out.

Even though your coveted flocked bottle brush trees have yellowed over the years, it just wouldn't be Christmas without them gracing the mantle along side your favorite mercury glass candle holders.

They still remind us of a quiet winter night.
The kind when the snow crunched under your feet as you walked to midnight mass at the local Catholic church when you were a kid. find her.
The precious angel that your oldest daughter(now almost 40) made for you in preschool.
The last Christmas that her Papa was with us.
He had leukemia.
It was a tradition to put this little angel on our tree for many years.
When we moved to our cottage a few years ago, I lost track of her.
Just the other day, I found her gently tucked in a box toward the back of the closet.
I was elated when I unwrapped the box, and found her!
I sent a photo of her to my daughter over the phone saying..."remember me?"
Her response was, "hahaha, Yes!"
My eyes still fill with tears thinking about what this little angel means to me.
I remember asking Kelly a few years ago if she wanted her for her own tree. Kelly said no, that she made it for me. Now that I look at this sweet little thing, I am sooo glad I have her. 
I love her crooked smile, blue eyes(just like my dear daughter) and her green(my favorite color) curly hair.
The new ornaments? I will be using them to decorate with this year. Along side all of my cherished, and, used year after year, favorite things!


  1. Gli oggetti del Natale,sono pieni di ricordi degli anni passati!Io amo rileggere tutte le cartoline d'auguri!Un abbraccio,Rosetta

  2. Debbie,
    I see so much beauty in all you photograph and share with us. Aren't bottle brush trees just the most delightful little things? It's been so hectic lately and I finally posted my theatre and Gyspy ballet today. I am behind with decking our homes merriment this year. I do it slow and take my time ... So much joy is to be found during the Christmas season.
    sending love,

  3. Lots of memories get unpacked every year at Christmas, don't they? Our girls made little stars and bells that used to hang on our tree but now grace the one in their own homes.
    So glad you found this angel to share the blessings of Christmas again Debbie.

  4. I love your bottle brush trees, Debbie. So many memories at Christmas time! Nothing wrong with mixing the old and the new!

  5. Debbie, I love this is just how I feel about those cherished things our kids made us with all their love . One year I did a big new tree all in a Victorian style. New fancy frilly ornaments ,none of my old things. I just could not love that tree no matter that is was an expensive thing, with all those fancy ornaments. So I gave that tree to my daughter. Got my old tree out the next year with all my true treasures of the ornaments my children had made through the years. That is what I use to this day.
    I love all your bottle brush trees with the mercury glass. Blessings , love you, Susie

  6. Thanks for your beautiful thoughts on Christmas eloquently put.

    Hope you have a beautiful one.


  7. Everything looks so pretty!! I love bottle brush trees and yours look perfect where you put them. Love the ornament that your daughter made many years ago. I have a paper candy cane that my granddaughter made me when she was 3 years old and she is 14 now...I put in the bowl with some pine cones and snowballs.

  8. Love all your treasures you pull out with so many wonderful memories for your Christmas decor. Love that you found the angel. What a cute and fun surprise to find her. Have fun with all your decorating.

  9. Old decorations, with lovely memories.

    Sweet post.

    Gentle hugs,

  10. Debbie,
    I came back for another read and to enjoy everything you've taken out for Christmas 2014. Meaningful treasured memories of Christmas past trigger such deep emotions don't they my friend? Reliving those cherished memories seem to be a blessed Christmas gift. Keep inspiring through your thoughtful words and beautifully decorated home.

  11. I love all your Christmas treasures Debbie! They're all so beautiful!!! How wonderful that you still have the little angel and still in perfect condition. I treasure all the ornaments my boys made me when they were little:) I always put a few out but so many of them are buried way in the back of the closet, I'll have to reorganize one of these days.

  12. I am drooling over your gorgeous collection of bottle brush trees and pretty mercury glass, Debbie! And what a sweet treasure the angel is that your daughter made so many years ago. I bet you were so happy to unwrap her:)

  13. What a beautiful post Debbie - I really enjoyed it and I'm glad you found your angel.

  14. That's what it is all about Debbie...memories!

  15. Everything is beautiful in your home as you add the magic of Christmas. Those bottle brush trees are always hard for me to resist. I have a collection of them but seem to always buy one or two more every year at my favorite antique shop The Red Door. The tiny ones being my favorite.

  16. I love your Christmas decors!!! So gorgeous! The old things are always rich of sweet memories

  17. This post resonated with me...the old, old ornaments, and the old, but not so old precious treasures our children made us. Your daughter may not have the same memories surrounding her little angel as you do, but that's okay. And it's hard to decide what to use...some years we want to go simple, yet there are ornaments and pieces we've always used and HAVE to use, and then it gets to be not so simple anymore. That may be what's holding me back as my bins sit in the kitchen. I want to go simple, understated, little festive surprises tucked in here and there. Last year every room "shouted" Christmas! This year I want to be humble. So I hold back so I don't get greedy with everything.

    I scrolled back to see your bedroom. Beautiful!! It looks so magical with the sun whispering through the windows, very sweet and comforting. I love a room like that for napping! Great job. I'm sure the second bedroom will be just as pretty!

    Love to you this Holiday Season and always!

    Jane xx

  18. Awww! Debbie, I think your prize piece is the dear angel that you have kept treasured and preserved for so many years. I have all our handprints in plaster and set them out every other year or so. My sister does a child tree in her home of all her children's art work and now her grand children make those special pieces at school that they pass on to grandma.

    I have a sweet ornament that I too treasure for our tree, and seriously when you said you still tear up I felt that emotion, for I too choke up when little moments like these remind me of that Hallmark moment.
    Love all your vintage mixed with the gathered and collected pieces, looking forward to seeing more of what inspires you.


  19. You're such a decorator!!! Loved looking at all your precious things...

  20. Hi Debbie, love your decor for the Christmas and that little angel is just precious. How special to have her and find her again. Your bedroom below is gorgeous too. I enjoyed catching up with you. For some reason I am not getting your posts delivered to my inbox and have missed them. I will try and sign up again if you have follow by email.
    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday.
    Hugs and Blessings

  21. Debbie, I just love your blog. One of the reasons is because we have a lot of the same things and the same style . . . you have such a lovely and soft way of displaying your vintage treasures and you inspire me to go around and do some tweaking. You have a magic touch and your home and your Christmas decorations are so charming.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Connie :)

  22. Awwww, what a sweet post... Pulling out the decorations does bring back memories. I love that you found your little treasured angel with the crooked smile.